How do I deal with Slim?


I personally feel the hunters are all largely in a pretty good place at the moment, but to me, Slim, simply put, is utterly toxic to this game.

Against a good medic playing a character other than Slim, I generally feel all was fair in a loss, but against a equally good Slim, something feels entirely off. Hank and Sunny obviously make his kit that much more devastating, but generally I feel the problem ultimately lies with Slim and his spore cloud and the ability for him to regenerate his health.

I’m not sure if anything specific has been announced for Slim for the incoming update, but in the meantime, I need advice on how to deal with him (it may be a color blindness thing, I don’t know).

I usually play MG for reference.


Well MG is kinda shit, to be honest. I would recommend playing OG, as the higher you go the less effective MG becomes. IMO he’s the worst monster. As for how to deal with Slim, you can either go ballistic and combo your moves relentlessly to tumble the shit out of him, which prevents him from healing properly, or use a hit and run tactic. What I mean by that is run away, come back and surprise the hunters with a quick ability and leave immediately before he can shoot to fill his healburst, and repeat as necessary. Also, if you are going to try and tumble him, spam melees in-between ability cooldowns, both to stun him and keep him visible.


I have found two ways to effectively deal with him:

The first is to move around a LOT, take cover, break LoS with him as much as possible until you can down Support. Of course, this is less effective with Behemoth and the Goliaths, but Wraith, Kraken(s), and Gorgon can all do this effectively. Wraith is currently the hardest counter to him, with Kraken coming in second.

The second is to combo him down as fast as possible. OG and Bob are good for this. Use your knockback abilities intermittently so you don’t hit him too far away from you and can continue focus. If he’s got a Hank or a skilled Sunny player, this one’s going to be ridiculously tough. If you can separate him from his team, do so. Makes your life a lot easier.


I usually play, as OG, with 1 Rock, 1 Leap and one Flame. If I see a Slim, my Stage 2 build would be 1 Rock, 3 Leap, 1 Flame and 1 Charge. If Sunny is in, I use 1 Rock, 2 Leap, 2 Fire (to get rid of the Drone) and 1 Charge.
The good thing with Meteor is, everything burns when you hit an ability and I try to hit everyone with the Flame so the Drone will start spamming around and empty when Slim is nearly dead.
The other option would be Flame Breath for the Drone because of the range.
Combos are either Leap -> Charge or Leap -> Pounce and it helps alot when you have the chance to do an ambush against a Sunny comp. If you hit enough, and have a good DMG output, Slim’s dead before the drone is ready. Don’t forget to remove the finger from the smell button


You either want to wombo combo or do hit and runs. Using both is probably the best way to go. MG is good for hit and runs with his fire breath. You want to wear down the team a little and also break line of sight with slim constantly. You mostly want to get quick hits on slim and then take cover so he can’t heal himself. Then, when the opportunity presents itself you want to wombo combo slim to hell and he won’t be able to withstand it. If support is giving you trouble then you need to bait that cloak out and then go for slim. If you’re unable to get slim then go for support again after the cloak runs out. Taking out the support will make killing slim much easier.


How to deal with Slim? Hope for nerfs…

Playing with MG? Dont spread your damage, its not worth it. Slim outheals your DoT by a factor of 3 or more. The best option is to put all your attacks on Slim, as his HB heals himself slightly less than the others and tumbling makes him shoot slower.

Here is what TRS is currently considering:

Also (I cant find it right now) the spores will only reduce your smell ranges, not remove them entirely.


If I encounter Slim I focus him. When he’s down, I kill him.


##All seriousness, the only true solution is to just

Once you follow those two steps you should be greeted with this message:


So, I’ve actually started playing Slim a bit in recent days - after a long spell away from him - to better get my head around him and after both winning a few and loosing a few, I actually think I’ve come around somewhat, and I’ve got a better idea as to why I’ve struggled with him … ping. Given my location, I’m usually up around 250+ ping and it seems more of an issue with him than with other characters. Is it as simple as this…?


Yeah, absolutely. Lag for a monster is infinitely more difficult to deal with than it is for hunters. I am a pretty good Goliath player, but when I play customs with my European friends, I struggle to get any downs before stage 3. Lag makes it harder to predict hunter movements, land abilities, time your actions, mitigate, etc. I would not be surprised at all if you have little trouble dealing with Slim on a good connection, now that you’ve mentioned a whopping 250+ ping.


Yep - no question - ping KILLS this game. Typically I’m up around 290 - 320; I’m glad to hear that it’s likely down to that rather than purely skill on my part. That all said, I suspect crappy servers drive a lot of people away unfortunately…


It think its about equally difficult to deal with. With all the current combos, 250ms make the difference between surviving and dieing instantly. And if one teammate is down with little to no armor damage done, you pretty much already lost, just as much as a Monster who cant land any combo.

Or maybe it’s the fact that he can restore up to 150 healpoints per second, while all other medics are capped below 100.

The servers arent the problem really, its that they are empty and people from across the world will play together.


Ping is worse for monsters generally. When your melees are taking a few seconds to come out or a rock hits someone and does zero damage? You’ve already lost.

With slim you typically want to go for the support, especially if it’s a defensive support. His self healing is very high, couple that with a shield/more boost you are going to find it very hard to get him down.


When it gets to the point where the melees start delaying half way through(around 500ms) it becomes infinitely more difficult for monsters than hunters.
Before that, ping has equal effect I feel.


I can’t imagine 500 … 300’s bad enough :smile: when I’m frozen in place during a charge and then suddenly jump to 20 meters away. Even still, I can down most characters (though reaching is a problem) but slim is definitely the most frustrating. That said, after playing him for a while, I don’t think my original statement was fair - he’s not that bad, just under less than ideal circumstances he’s a big problem.

Incidentally, the worst ping affects me as a hunter in high ping games is sometimes as simple as Vals tranq dart not hitting the monster while chasing. Monster definitely feels at a considerably bigger disadvantage.


Wierd. This kind of stuff doesn’t happen to me til about 500. 300 is just when the hunters rubberband and abilities don’t do damage. 500 is when I rubberband and melees move in slow mo.


I can’t imagine 250. The highest my ping has even been as Monster is 121. It’s usually 20-50.


Without a shield support focus him down. With a shield support try to separate the support from him or catch them off guard. Slim doesn’t do a good job at healing when he can’t shoot the monster. In a relay situation against Hank just attack slim hard. Against sunny attempt to kill sunny very quickly or focus her until she loses focus on slim, then you kill slim quickly.