How do I deal with a legacy laz?

The title says it all.

What monsters are you playing?

Kill him until he’s dead.


Goliath mostly maybe behemoth.

Go Meteor Goliath against the laz players. You’ll see him 24/7.


Set him on fire and follow him. He is easy to see while he’s using the jetpack and being on fire. Other option is eat the corpse or bait him out with a corpse

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Kind of depends on the skill level and monster. When I play goliath or wraith. I run in attack Laz until he cloaks and completely disengage. I return and kill him quickly. If you are playing as behemoth or against low level players, attack assault until he’s down and kill him and sit on the body while mitigating whatever damage possible for 45 seconds. Laz is pretty weak it takes a lot of coordination to make him work. Most good Hunter teams avoid playing Laz because it takes so much more work to be successful.

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As a Meteor Goliath main, I can tell you he is extremely good against Laz. Here are some strategies for taking him down:

Instead of focusing the Support, focus Laz. Down him, and then kill him.

If you don’t want to focus Laz, then you could either focus the Support or Assault, kill them, and then body camp to prevent Laz from getting the rez. For this one, if you want to minimize health and armor loss, you can take OG Kraken due to the squid’s snowballs and ability to move while using three of his abilites (LS, BM, and Vortex). If you want, you could dive bomb AS, but you are a sitting duck while using it.

This strategy also involves not focusing Laz, but is harder. Kill Support or Assault, and then go for Laz. Most likely, the Laz will try to go for the rez. You need to stop him from getting to the body until either Laz is dead or the corpse is gone. If the Trapper uses their CC to slow you down, you need to break free ASAP. Otherwise, Laz will pull off the rez.

This strategy is only doable with Behemoth. Once you kill a Hunter, use RW and eat the dead Hunter. Laz can’t pull off the rez.

Hope this helps.

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