How Do I bucket?


Just unlock, I need some pro tip to contribute to the team as him!


Jetpack to the middle of the map/where your team is headed.

Use your uav to scout. But not too long. I once predicted a monster laying false tracks and went the other way, while my team blindly followed the shinies. Found him shortly after.

Dont stay in the uav too long or you cant catch up to the fight in time.

When fighting the monster, spread your turrets around so they dont get destroyed at once. Protect downed teammates with a net of turrets so the monster gets punished

Against a high altitude kraken, focus more on your rocket launcher, turrets dont have that much range. Have some placed anyway, they attack banshee mines f.e

Your rockets explode not on contact but vicinity to the monster, just fire away and lead on.

If you catch the monster early, it will go after your trapper. dot the arena with turrets and cloak your trapper.

I don’t know if these mechanics are all still in place but anyway: standing still in the uav increases tracking reliability. Hit ctrl and space to control altitude. Hold doesnt work. Tap it.


After a dome, use UAV instantly and you are gonna make it a hell for the monster to get away.


I give you… the Bucket appreciation thread… I was #5 in the world until the leaderboard got reset on me lol;

If you’re on Xbox, I’d be happy to hook up and help out. He’s my fav go-to guy.

Here’s a few vids as well;