How do i beat slim comps

Even after the nerf slim remains the strongest and most deemed “toxic” medic in the eyes of many. I’ve been playing Bobcicle for a while now and when i was done with the constant slim picks owning me i went back to goliath just to get rekt by more constant slim picks.
When i play support i just wait for my medic to pick slim (which they will!) to pick something fitting, and we never lose unless 1 hunter fucks up majorly

Now the problem I’m having with slims is that their healing combined with defensive supports. makes him virtually unkillable. How do i beat the following comps/any tips?:
Slim sunny
Slim bucket
Slim hank
Slim anything tbh

Uuhh kill slim first? Unless there’s sunny or hank

With difficulty.


If it’s Bucket kill Slim first, remember that either targeting Bucket or Slim will still make their health almost fully regenerate once, so if by the few chances you got to down Slim, there won’t be healing while Slim is gone.

Don’t go trying to kill Slim first, it’s like trying to kill Paladin Parnell; they both have self heals, so try getting at least 1 hunter down, as then they’ll have to focus and using thier heal bug, and then they might get distracted. If that doesn’t work, maybe try Cornering them.

I use wraith so idk, slim has never been a problem for me. I only lost to him when he was together with bucket, and I failed to kill the assault in time because bucket made him use his healburst twice, healing completly the assault just before I could down him with 2 strikes. Since I needed the armor regen from the kill, my hp got burned and I lost.

I think slim is more of a problem for monsters like behemoth. When I play sunny agaisnt behemoth, and I am tied with a good medic, the game shows how flawed it is, because we are practically immortal, the behemoth can kill every other member of the team except for us, so in the end it’s only a matter of how long it will take for the next dropship spawn, before the time runs out completly.

In most comps that work with slim-

Focus the support first.

Slims self sustain is higher than the supports, and will be a harder target to down. Slims healing may seem high- But he relies heavily on supports to keep himself going. Without hank shields, or sunny drones/boosts, bucket MRs to bring himself up- Hes actually not all that amazingly difficult to kill.

Always remember how slims healing actually works. He has to hit you. Do things to break LoS on slim as frequently as possible. Be it terrain, abilities, or straight up mobility. Got a mobile monster? Jump around him, over him, make him 180, then go back between combos and ability cooldowns. If you can make slim miss just 2 shots in a magazine, thats 25% of his healing out the window. If you force him to have to take slower shots because youre going around, thats also a huge reduction in his healing. Behind a pillar sniping your focus target? he cant heal them at all. Its little things like this that go a long way towards disrupting slims healing. NEVER just sit there and melee focus your target down as you combo abilities. If youre just going to melee. melee. ability. melee. ability, and hug your target- Slim will have absolutely no trouble hitting every shot on you and kicking out absurd amounts of healing. Disrupt him.


Bravo my d00d. Perfect explanation for most monsters (hardest for bob imo but with bob I think a good counter is 2x RW at s2)

Now that he cant heal off of rock wall- I agree completely. I find in my play im almost always using rock wall purely to separate slim from myself. If he cant hit me, he cant heal that annoying ass support (Sure, bug. but if im focusing someone thats not going to be an issue either).


Surprisingly icebob has an Ok time dealing with him. His snowball slows reloads so it’s awesome to use JUST as his clip is almost out.

for slim sunny, TAKE OUT SUNNY keep pressure on her so she cant deploy a drone and if you down her camp the body if you can so slim doesn’t get him up in a second and such, repeat till support has 2 strikes then kill support and start focusing slim, for slim bucket, FOCUS SLIM cause once buckets mech goes off, his one save is gone, for slim hank same thing as sunny slim, focus hank

Id be leery of this personally. You need to land more abilities and reliably deal more damage to down Slim in a Slim/Bucket comp, than you do Bucket

But thats the neat thing about this game. Multiple strats for different folks. If it works for ya- it works.

I have been using but Bobsicle.

When i fight slim comps… I just pin him down or push him far away then i concentrate the support.

If you are having troubles landing the ice spear,

Using the combination of Monument to start one area of effect, then right outside of it, overlappingif possible, the ice bomb.

once you do that above combo, you turn and focus someone with the ice spear like the medic for a 3rd ability hit with followup (kills slim) or the assault can be a good one to pin.

In fact my most succussful games with bobsicle have been in pinning down the assault and forgetting about them.

(bobs in general tear apart assaults)

do the same as I do, ignore slim, focus on everyone else first, and then kill him when you get the chance, he’s not that good of a medic if you keep attacking people. At least as a wraith, since he needs to shoot all his bullets things to recover the heal burst fast.