How do i beat lazarus comps?


the more I play monster, the more I coma across lazarus comps.

The general get-go with laz is a support that has excellent single target supporting (hank,sunny), or otherwise anything else.

But my real honest problem is when the lazarus just camps outside of the dome waiting for you to kill somebody. by the time you have done that, if the team is half decent, they will have shredded a big chunk of your armor and if you want to go for laz now you lose too much health.

Is there something I’m missing here? Is there a strategy to beating outside-dome-laz?


Dont know how useful this will be,

but your best bet should still be to focus down a single target. Usually support thou it’ll vary depending on team comp. If Laz is outside then he can’t shoot you, so the damage you take should be lessened. Once the person is down just throw everything you’ve got at their body until it dies.

You could also try to move the fight away from the edge where Laz is waiting. As far as I’m aware healbursts don’t travel through dome walls.

I’m sure others have much better advice, but I hope I could be of some help.


im afraid theres nothing u can do much to lazz outside domes, worst part is, if hes not hugging the dome wall he can still heal outside the dome with proper communication trough the dome walls.

just focus the hank and sunny, they are the public enemy #1 if the lazz is inside the dome.

if u down someone and camp the body, ur gonna receive a beating,im really sorry but thats just the strength of lazz, he punishes u for camping the bodies, he also punishes u if u dont kill him straight away also, punishes you if u let him revive a downed team mate.

his only drawback is that the person he revives comes with a strike if the person was killed, and ull stack a shitload of dropship time even if u keep getting punished with revivifies.

the counter to lazzarus is eating the body, remember even if u take a bite the body decay will severely increase, also downing multiple hunters at the same time,remember that his glove has a cooldown of 25 seconds IIRC?

what im trying to say is lazzarus simultaneously punishes focus and at the same time punishes you if u dont pay attention to him.


Pretty much everything Little_Jay said. I’ve played against a number of Laz players and it’s pretty frustrating when he, or another priority target, sits outside of the dome.

The short of it is that you have to just focus on someone else for a short time. Lazarus lacks some of the healing other medic’s bring to the field, so you can abuse someone who has no damage mitigation–for example, aim for the Support (avoid downing the Trapper, there are only a few of the Trapper’s that deserve to be focused over any given Support).

Something that I do is to simply go to the other side of the dome if there’s ample cover. That way if he wants to get in to help his team with any expediency he either will have to move all the way around the outside of the dome or go straight through it. The other part is that if you manage to sneak pounce someone if they come to you, or down them, camp the body. If you have feeding speed perks and kill them completely, you can do one of the best and trolliest things to a Lazarus player.

If you have a knock back or other zone control to keep the others off of you and there’s a dead body at your feet, you have a dliemma. Go after the others, and potentially let Laz get the rez? Or, camp the body to make sure Laz can’t res it, while trying to damage others. I like option three: Eat the fucker as soon as you manage to get a gap in people damaging you. It counts as two meats, so keep that in mind. Eating half of it won’t do the trick, you have to eat the whole thing. If you can manage that, then you’ll even have regained a little bit of armor, and the dome will go down soon, leaving you with the option of attack to try to drive the point home and stick on another tick, or run and likely have some free reign for a while.

Hope that helps!


Just avoid damage in the dome until stage 3 then you can rek them because laz has low healing power