How do hunters survive Viruses and Bacteria on Shear?


Was wondering how humans can withstand the bacteria and viruses on shear? Howcome the hunters can just land on shear and not die from foreign bacteria?


they’ve been immunized from child hood.


New idea: 5th monster is a virus that wipes out most of humanity. You have to fight it by traveling into the past for the cure. We’ll call it… 12 Monkeys


Well Shear is already colonized, so I imagine any necessary vaccinations would be readily available.


Because it’s a computer game and therefore not real…


Well obviously but i mean plot wise.


We invented teleporting.

I think space vaccines aren’t too far fetched, hmm? :smile:

In Evolve, humanity has been a space faring civilization for quite some time. The technologies to counter foreign bacteria must be very advanced or they wouldn’t have gotten as far as they did.


or better yet,