How do find out that I have received over the chests?


Opened more than 10 trunks, but did not understand what they gave me, it is not very convenient, and the decision not to show the players their awards, I think it’s very stupid.


They’re looking to update this UI because it’s not clear, the devs agree. They auto open when you complete the challenge so you see what you get in the rewards breakdown after a match!

Edit: Slow person below.


They’re opened automatically, the devs are working to make them less confusing. :slight_smile:


He open auto - i know this, but, I do not see that getting out of the chest!
Money? Skins? Heroes? Why u dont show, what i got?


At the moment I think it’s Keys, but it could be a number of things. After the match, if you don’t skip through, it lists everything you’ve won after that match so check there for now! :slight_smile:


that is, I have to guess that I fell out of the box, great.
thanks for answers.


You don’t have to guess, it tells you after the match you unlocked it. If you didn’t take note then, then yes you won’t be able to check back and find out; and the Devs are working on changing that :slight_smile:

Right now it will have been keys, but in the future it could be anything.


I normally get about 200 keys from one of those boxes