How did you get your in-game handle?


Tell me the story on how you got your in-game nickname. I always find these kind of posts fun.

I guess I will go first:

When I began to game at the ripe young age of 10, I thought I had the greatest alias ever: K.O.-Kid (knock out kid). I played with name for years until I started to grow up and realize it just was not as cool as I thought, not at all… From here I jumped around to several random names: impulse 9 (a Quake 1 cheat code), RHINOCTO (Rhino+Octopus my fav animals), and Riot Gear (because it sounded cool, but I had to drop the Riot when I went to League of Legends because non Riot games employees can’t have riot in their name.)

This left me thinking of a new name… So I went back to variations on KO Kid. TEKNOC is just something I came up with when taking the phrase “The Knock Out Kid” and trying to shorten it over and over to sound cool. I came up with THEKNOCK and then from there it became TE (the) KNOC (knock).

So, tell me… How did you get your gamer tag?

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Where Did your Username come from?
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When I got my PS3 in 2009, I really wanted LBP, but I didn’t have the cash to spare to get it.
I still created my username based off of LBP. As in The_Creator (LBP is about creating and imagination if you didn’t know) and then X as in unknown.
So the unknown creator basically.
I was a bit afraid people would think it was stupid, and that the X was just thrown in there like
'insert stupid name’XXxxxXXXXX


The tag I use for gaming, “pygmy shrew” is taken from this animation from 2001:

What can I say, I am cynical about my own abilities in game…so either my name is apt, or it is ironic in those games where I MVP or stay alive :wink:


Mine is “Plaff_” and I actually got it straight from the forums. Plaff is just a word I came up with when I needed a username. Not as exciting as some other stories but oh well


currently use Atavax just because a lot of people know me as Atavax. Its origin is a board game called “Runebound” its an RPG boardgame where you fight monsters that are on cards and some of the cards have effects after you defeat the monster. The Atavax monster’s effect is you give the card to another player at the start of their turn and it significantly decreases that player’s ability to move for that turn. That player then has the opportunity to give it to someone else at the beginning of that player’s turn for the same effect and so on. I played Runebound with some friends and we abused the card and made the entire game slow to a crawl. After the game, the friend that owned the game threw out the Atavax card, and I had just built my first PC and needed a ID for steam, and chose that handle.

but i enjoy using different handles. For one game’s beta, i ended up creating over 200 characters with 200 different handles.


Mine is not interesting or original. Just picking certain letters from my first, middle and last name to make something that sounds kinda neato


My gamer tag I go by is “Inso-ThinkTank”. When I sign up on forums, I try to use my nickname “Izzy” if it’s not taken.

I grew up in the 80’s and my favorite music style during that time was Synthetic Pop/New Wave (Erasure, Depeche Mode, Anything Box, New Order, Dead or Alive, Human League, Kraftwerk, Gary Newman, Duran Duran, Tears for Fears, ABC…list could go on and on). One of my favorite bands from the 80’s is Information Society. Insoc was a short version of the band’s name so this is where “Inso” comes from. Band member Paul Robb had a side project called Think-Tank, hence “ThinkTank” in my gamer tag comes from.

I guess you can say my gamer tag is a tribute to the band.

On a side note, three of the original band members are releasing a new album which comes out in September!

Here is a sneak peak the band release recently on soundcloud on their upcoming album “Hello World”:


Forum name: Parents
Gamer Handle (flyingstupid): Unofficial highschool newsletter after I was taken to the hospital following a failed attempt to jump down a flight of stairs.


Um, my handle has probably stuck with me since the time I thought of creating a superhero called “Slinky Guy” who basically wears steel slinkies around his wrists and ankles and uses them to fight like the Tailor in Kung Fu Hustle does. They can also stretch out too and latch onto things, sort of like Spiderman’s web. A very active imagination there, but if I really was a superhero and had any power that would be it probably! xD


Name: Vanadrom Arda
Source: My Novel Series

Their eternal essence is banished to the wastelands beyond the boundaries of life, lost to endless damnation within a shaded limbo where they await the rebirth of the goddess. Only then will they be judged and more than likely doomed to an even more painful obscurity. This bleak purgatory is otherwise known as the Vanadrom Arda.


Short for Anthony…


Vices is the name of a song from a band called Memphis May Fire. The 9 is just a special number to me. I always tried to have that number in any sport I played as a kid.


Gamertag: Frontline FD

Really like the song Pillar - Frontline and because i play cod and like to rush so im allways on the frontline. FD is the name of my clan : Flying Dutchman

But when Evolve comes out i will quit cod so i most likely will change my gamertag.


Gamertag: Keyrott

Origin: In a physics class in college, I saw the Rotational Kinetic Energy was Labeled KErot, and I was just like, "I like that, let’s add a “t” and a “y” on that and call it good xD


Well, my extremely unoriginal PSN is Brandan92, Brandan is my name and I was born in 1992. Any new ID’s I make now are Brandini. The student council president in high school dubbed me as “The Great Brandini” (I was the VP & I have no idea how he came up with it) and it just kinda stuck. I’ve also been know as Swiffer and Cheese lol


I spent a long while coming up with the name Takran. It is a conglomeration of a few words from various languages that when put together as Takran loosely translates to “Fire in the Night”.

It’s not a usual kind of name, so when I figured it out, I just kinda made it my thing.


Not unexciting at all! It is practically synonymous with fabulous blue Voldemort. That’s about as good as it gets.


Name: DamJess
Source: My name, I was just trying to be clever.

Handle: BubblegumAnarchy
Source: My 14-year-old brain thought it would be fun to have a name that was half cute, half sass

It stuck.


I feel the same way about my name either that or I was just lazy.


My story is really simple. I think Peirs is a fun name because people cant ever seem to spell it right and then they have trouble bashing me in game :stuck_out_tongue: “Paris is hacking!” Then I added Pryce because it seemed to flow well. Kinda poetically… Hence my alias, Peirs_Pryce


Master Forge, a Character I created based off a popular anime.

my console gamer is usually xFamfritx - taken from Final Fantasy 12.

My PC gamer usually has something to do with either Forge or The Doctor. Forge for my OC and The Doctor because while I haven’t seen old Doctor Who, I love the 2005+ series ^^ Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant ftw.