How did you get to know about Evolve?

Hi, would be interesting to know :slight_smile: .
I will start: I first heard and played it at gamescom in cologne germany. Luckily I was there with 4 friends so we had a full team.

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saw frankies top upcoming 10 games 2014/2015 and instantly became a must have for me and i just followed the game from there

The constant advertisement and articles on gaming sites.
They advertised this game really well… A bit too well because when it was finally released people where like “over hyped garbage” and all that :frowning:

Heard the same sadly, but how can a game with such a fresh idea and such a good graphic become overhyped… don’t get it ^^

Twitch during alpha! I think this game will skyrocket in couple months if they make some great tournaments and all problems are solved with prices and bugs. Huge potential game play

Well just too much advertisement sadly, all those awards it won at E3, constant articles on gaming sites saying how fresh and new it is, high expectations and if it doesn’t live up to peoples expectations set by the various media as I said then people are gonna get annoyed.

Sadly Evolve is indeed something a bit different from usual online FPS and actually requires skill and teamwork rather than just running in and blasting someone. I think a lot of people expected to just go into a game and tear the monster a new one, but the sad reality is that this game is about the hunt, and some people don’t want to put in the time actually hunting for the monster.

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I first learned about the game late last year, pre-ordered the month of release. I don’t get the negative press, there’s a lot going on so balancing is challenging and as far as the DLC problems are concerned the prices are high but they aren’t compulsory.

True, but to be fair skins should really be unlocked in-game as a little bonus for the players. Of course I come from the video-gaming era when everything was on disc. Although I do like what TRS are doing with the challenges and skin unlocks through that method so I can’t stay too mad.


Youtube ad way, way back

jackfrags first evolve video

Through the Game Informer around January-February 2014.

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I found it while doing a project in biology on evolution…

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Bet you learned a lot from this game :smiley: eat -> evolve -> kill -> repeat

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E3 or PAX or some event last year and I’ve been following it ever since. The art style really grabbed me.

I saw the reveal trailer when that came out- I didn’t think much of it. I only mentioned it to a friend who liked L4D (2, as it turns out). Jump forward to about 3 or so weeks before release- I watch a few streams and I’m totally hooked. Pre-order the digital deluxe edition, and no regrets. The friend who I initially mentioned it to ended up trying the game out and not liking it.

Pax East 2014. Waited 3 hours in line to play as trapper.


Playstation Official Magazine, back when they were actually active on their old website. I remember seeing the title for the article they made about Evolve being revealed and just knowing this was the game.

Steam announcement during big alpha. Googled myself a key, tried it - first as a monster, and man, it was a blast, I was hooked in an instant.

Marketing, plus it was something I really enjoyed, idea and concept wise. And still do. I think the first
ingame footage was on Ghostrobos channel. I usually hate that youtube gamer stuff, but he seems
to be somebody I can watch playing and explaining games.

From Xbox live, play it since beta. And still love this game.