How did you choose your avatar?


A little more to the right I’m thinking.


Nah, it’s good like that.



Well now I’ve got a spoopy zombie avatar I made last year for inktober… because my spoopy name this year is LorenTheZombie :point_right: :point_right:


Hey, my sister’s doing the inktober as well!


I’m super behind rn tho whoops… I’m playing catching up lol


Perfect :ok_hand:


I was looking for a username I could use anywhere as before I would always chose bad names and regret it afterwards.

So I decided to just name myself after my favorite beer called Donker Kasteelbier. Translated in English it is called Dark Castlebeer.

I simply merged Dark and Castle together and got DarKastle. Sadly for me, when I wanted to create a new email address with that username it said it was already taken (imagine my surprise). So I put a Z at the end and tadaah! DarKastlez was born.

For my profile picture I was looking for something to fit my name. I was looking for like spooky castles and then came upon the image for Dark Castle Entertainement. I liked the background with the castle so I removed their name and put my own username instead with an old style font.

I’m sure they won’t mind. Not like I’m famous or something. :stuck_out_tongue:


Favorite animal is the Pangolin so I picked it also resembles slightly my favorite monster the Behemoth.