How did you choose your avatar?


This never gets old.


It’s sad because it has all those teeth and no tooth brush


Mama is wrong.


Mama always said life is like a box of chocolates.


Best left for off forum discussion; I’ll chat with you on Steam.


I like Predators. Boring answer but true.


I created mine in my hayday of Evolve… It became a source of fear for many hunters… I was having to change up the design every so often because players started recognizing my as a monster player… I landed on this one i made in evolve to be both menacing and maybe not a hunter player… ^.^ but it came out so well and depicted my gameplay cunning so well. I just kept. When I logged back into Evolve Legacy it was waiting for me.



Because smug Tohru is best Tohru

that said, the title of best girl has been passed, might need to get around and update it


Well, my gaming persona start aggressive developing during the time i play Evolve. I believe that the picture is from Evolve stage avatar creator and it is the best avatar that i can muster up back then and didn’t bother to change it ever since


Oh yes… and in stage 2 you get glimpses of your rank and group level you fought and the highest color for me was gold. (but low tier)

But in the end I wanted to put on show for everyone involved.

Many times if I was Goliath I would find locations and sites that when the hunters come around the corner they see me exhaling the fire into the sky as if in bestial howl. I would do my best to get into character and it was fun.

it was unorthodox game play and crunching the numbers against the hunters to craft a story across the map that was my goal.

Stage 2 my game play style turned more towards traditional all the while still trying to play in the legacy format…but at least i can say that I had a lot of fun in something like 900 monster hours played.

Now i just need to get the legacy again as soon as I can. (gb limit)


me… holding a sign… saying thank-you to TRS… Cause we love them…

Before that… Carbot Zergling… cause Zerglings are cute.


gotta stay festive af. spoopy dab.



dabbing under any circumstances



Dabs with legs


funny enough I know who this is in the gif lol


funnily enough ive used that gif several times




No wonder why everytime I see @SirKeksalot’s avatar, it reminds me of this kind of gif.


You mean like this?