How did you choose your avatar?


My original avatar was just my first drawing.
But now its pretty simple why i have this one.
shy guys are also short, a yeet


My first Avatar was the Master Chief from Halo, because I’m a massive Halo fan. When Emet was revealed and the pixel art phase started, @xTr1ckOrTr3atx was awesome enough to make a load of avatars for most of us who wanted one. He made mine and I really liked it, so I’ve stuck with it since. :smile:


I’ve drawn and pretty much used this avatar everywhere I am (which is essentially just me, hahah), so it doesn’t have as much of a backstory as some featured above :p.
It does have the details of Cabot’s jacket in it to show my love for him everywhere, though :smiley:


Big fan of Fallout 3 and I had a vault boy logo on my old Xbox, so I used that.
Now I use vault boy for most online things.


Aw shit. I’m sorry, it’s been a while. :frowning:


My avatar chose me


Kane has strange tastes.


I know lol, that’s cause I dyed it auburn back at the end of March and it was super dark then, it’s back to it ginger goodness now, though


Hmmm… I’ll have to take your word for it.


I made it in SFM because I like Halo.


Just gonna…leave this here.


Jack is my favourite character from… pretty much the history of video games and this was made by @Shika

For the longest time I just had some demon ghost thing because it kind of fit my personality. I’m pretty private, so not a whole lot is known about me and I make posts with an undertone of cutting sarcasm.

I never changed off that avatar until Shika made this #SaveEvolve art works and I felt like I’d be doing some Video-Game God an injustice if I didn’t wear it like a gold medal.


I had the Bog skin Goliath since Evolve’s Alpha I think. Goliath, specifically the bog skin, being my favorite. I’ve kept it for years…only changed my avatar a few days ago. This will be my new one for the foreseeable future. I think it kinda speaks for itself.



You’ve had that Goliath avatar for so long, I find it hard to picture you without it.


I know, it feels strange for me too, like feeling Evolve passing out of my life…but it isn’t - I still play, and I have other feelings I need to express. This is pretty much the only way I can.


I usually change it up but Undertale is my favorite game in the last several years and I feel like people forget it exists a lot. Also I feel the character more or less represents how I act IRL


I like Daisy


It’s ME. But my hair is blue now, so it’s “old”…


Holly hell, it’s been ages since I, or maybe we, haven’t seen you!


aw crap… so my “image” avatar is my cat… but my name is random… Its basically the Shit pumps i use to install on the Sabre Yachts I use to build… yeah I chew shit up and puke it out… :slight_smile: " Macerator may refer to: Pumping station, solids maceration. Maceration (sewage), machine that reduces solids to small pieces. Chopper pumps, pump with cutting system to facilitate chopping/maceration of solids." Seemed like a fitting name for a Monster! :slight_smile: