How did you choose your avatar?


If there hasn’t been a topic about this prior I’m interested in how you got your avatar. Is it custom created? From a game? Or just something that you feel resembles you or maybe it just looks cool.

Mine came from the ready or not trailer from Evolve’s early release days. The kid who played monster.


Mine’s really simple. I like Gorillaz art, specifically 2D… so when I first made my avatar on here I vowed to always have it as 2D, if I ever wanted to change it. I like the one I have now, I think I’ll keep this one like this for a long time now.


My pic is the helix nebula, a planetary nebula. It is related to astronomy/astrophysics; one of my hobbies, and it kind of resembles an eye. I think eyes are very symbolic. I also saw it with my own eyes through a telescope, so it has memorabilia values.


Mine is Gollum, obviously. Picked it cause he’s my favorite character in literature and I quite enjoy the movie representation. It’s Christmas GollumTM cause it’s funny and festive. And because I’ve been too lazy to change it back after Christmas like 2 years ago.


@zee drew Hyde for me. Me love Hyde. Me love zee.


I picked my current one based off of my username + liking Tyger Tyger by William Blake. The pic is cool and the white stuff you can see to the side is the poem.

In a f2p game I tried to play all the names I tried were taken eventually I gave up and just typed in random phrases until I got a non-taken name. Which ended up being IWannaBeATiger.


Mine is of my cat yawning when she was a kitten. She still had all her baby teeth and i thought it looked cool. Also she is a real monster so seemed right to me.


Destiny 2.


My username refers to fantasy dragons. The picture is of a dragon from my favorite book series, and the person who rides him into battle. His name is Khellendros.




I drew mine back in April because I wanted to draw a sort of character version of myself (however, I had just dyed my hair then, so it’s super dark in the drawing despite being faded back to it natural color now)

The mask is to represent a lot of things for me… one being that this is the internet and no one knows who you really are on the internet. I could be a unicorn with a hankering for candy wrappers o.o ImNotButYouWouldNeverKnowIfIWas lol


I just pick what I think is cool. It just happens to be a certain skeletal Lord of Death from Dark Souls in this instance.


I usually take fan arts for my avatar such as the Behemoth I currently use (from SFM). Before, it was the behemoth of Shika with the french colors or one of my pixel arts of the Goliath.


Mine is from a D&D logo designed for a fundraising campaign for Lambert House.

It was designed to showcase inclusivity and D&D. Two great things, like peanut butter and chocolate. Except I am allergic to peanuts. But you get the idea.


Your avatar doesn’t look like a ginger.


Properly cropped - this would be a good avatar.


My good pal Charly aka @ToiletWraith made it for me and I love it dearly.


My original avatar was a close up of the face of Mr Popo
Take a wild guess as to why that might have been my avatar given my name
Inspired by the team four star series: dragonball abridged
Eventually I just started choosing random avatars
The current one is a cosplay of an Onyx Guard from Gears of War, one of my all time favorite game series
(Minus the fourth installation)


I went for a fox in human appearance. Not the best, and it doesn’t fit the image of a Delphox (unless you think of it as a shiny one), but I decided to manage with it for now.


Charly*… :confused: