How did you bind your keys when you played monster? (pc)


The default is just 1 2 3 4. This feels fine when switching weapons, but when casting abilities it felt weird. Even when I got used to it, it still just felt off because of what I’m used to. Did anyone try changing it to something else more comfortable? Or is 1 2 3 4 the easiest control scheme?


QERF for monster abilities.

I moved eating to X or C I forget.


i have long fingers so I left it at that

had rock throw/vortex to my 4th and 5th mousebutton


The only things I changed was Shift to climb (OMG I friggin hate you steam overlay!), smell was mouse button 4, and right click was sneak.


What was climb before? Shift seems the most practical. Was it spacebar?


That makes sense. I guess I would have to try it out to see if it would feel too cluttered to me though. All those keys are really close together.


It might have been alt, not sure though. I never played with any defaults so I’m not sure.


Maybe it was control… I just remember not being able to reach it then getting trapped places. Well, shift seems to make the most sense.


You want them close to WASD for quick access. You get used to it real quick, and waaaay better than trying to use 1234 imo.

I dislike using too many mouse buttons for FPS games, since clicking on them can mess up my aim. In fast paced FPS games that required pinpoint accuracy, it becomes an issue. However, evolve doesn’t really require pinpoint accuracy.


That setup kind of reminds me of Dota 2 mashed with an fps. I play a decent amount of Dota 2 so it should be able to get used to it. Thanks!


I didn’t change the control keys on my pc, space at was the leap or fly ability


I had sneak set to one of my side mouse buttons and that was the only real change i made I quite liked the default setup they had for the abilities.


i had QERF as my skills buttons too. C was push to talk button. Mouse 4 was ping the map button.


Same. QERF for monster abilities.

Left V for evolve and moved eat to C.

Yea, I changed them to that to be similar to League of Legends as much as possible. I feel like equipment is fine on 1 - 4 for hunters but for abilities you have to constantly be pushing, I definitely like QERF.


I’d move hunter abilities to QERF too if it wasn’t for Q to ping and R to reload, which you are doing constantly. I have the class ability on F since 4 is just far away enough from WASD to make it a hassle to press in combat. In FPS games I try to go with QERF before 123. Although my muscle memory is so used to 123 being knife, secondary weapon, primary weapon that I usually leave those there. After that I go with XCV or mouse buttons if its not an action that’s required a lot in combat/while aiming and firing.


I have five buttons on my mouse, so actually mapped all of my Monster attacks to my mouse and move Smell to Q. Works great for me.