How did the Behemoth Roll Attack Cheese get past testing? Now we're stuck waiting for ANOTHER patch


I’m kind of tired of waiting for patch after patch. Wraith gets fixed after over a month. Now Behemoth’s here with players just constantly roll attacking. Now I have to wait for weeks again for another patch? Not only that but I spent more than half my team reloading the game because of constant crashes on the Ps4. I’m sorry but I’m putting Evolve down now. I’ve stood by this game forever but now I’m DONE with waiting for patches.


Clearly none of them button mashed out of frustration…


I would have never thought to try to cheese spam a move, its possible the testers didn’t either.


another thread? i wish ppl would read all the new threads first before belching


it didn’t get past testing. Supposedly people were using it on the TRS/2k stream when they were demo-ing behemoth.


Bye. Let us not forget he also overreacted and said behemoth died too easy and can’t melee with hunters right in front of their faces.


It is their job to try to find things like this that can be abused, is it not?


You are comparing a hand full of testers to the entire play audience. It’s impossible for them to find everything.


You guys are ridiculous with your defense.

Explain the flying bug. Explain the damage bug. Explain the rockwall bug.

These are all things that I encountered during my first game playing as him.


Agreed. It only takes one in the thousands to make public a cheesy move or borderline exploit mechanic before it grows like wildfire overnight.

That said, the Roll+Melee was being used far before Behemoth made it to live. I’m willing to believe it’ll be addressed, but what makes me scratch my head is that it seems unlikely that this particular case went unknown when it happens so often you really can discover it by sheer accident within a couple games at most.

Still… keep spamming that Roll+Melee, Behemoths! I like a target that doesn’t move much for my Mortars! (Our poor Medic often becomes our “Mouse Trap” for the cheese move hehe :wink: )

Quick clarification; which one are you regarding? Is it a different one than that weird one where you tag a corner of a surface just right and it sends you zooming off into the sky/direction you were facing? Cause if so I’d take a guess on that being an Engine problem they likely can’t fix easily b/c it’s not theirs. Could be wrong though.

If it’s a different one, then please disregard my ramblings :stuck_out_tongue:

RE: Behemoth? Iunno, man. On the one hand, Macman noted that the only thing wrong with Behemoth was that you could hit his weakspot as he was rolling (As of a couple days ago, anything newer I likely missed as I’ve been kinda scarce lately with that Life thing >.<), on the other… I’ve personally seen even wildlife take off far more armor per hit than any other Monster. Something does seem kinda off.

RE: Things that “break” the wall and causes it not to spawn:

So it’s on their radar, at least. Though I am personally curious as to if non-destructable trees and such are supposed to be busting the wall, too. :stuck_out_tongue:

TL;DR version: I expect the worst in a patch (10 years of Warcraft will do that to you O.o) so I’m never truly disappointed when a few bugs/glitches make it to Live. I can only imagine how many didn’t. Still, at least most if not all of these issues are on the ‘TO-DO’ list, so to speak. Despite the quirks, I’m still having a blast as both Hunter and Behemoth. If there is truly a perma-dmg multiplier on Behemoth and Rock Wall really shouldn’t be body blocked by a tree, that’ll just make me that much better when it’s fixed >:)


This flying bug. No rocks were hit. I simply rolled/walked off of cliffs. If that wasn’t found then they need new testers.


I seriously doubt they do much testing. There are so many places you can get with Sunny’s boost where the monster can’t get hunters.


These guys dont play their own game.They might not be gamers at all this is so obvious.


Ah hadn’t seen that before. That’s a weird one hehe.


It’s not weird, it’s constant.


Iunno, played plenty of Behemoth and hadn’t noticed, though I’m on PC, which may or may not affect that. Shrugs

Still, I’ll keep an eye out for it, if it happens I’ll post up a SS or vid as well


They test once a day at lunch i believe lol, and its optional.


Lol, you’re silly.


Roll attack spamming is being addressed in an upcoming patch along with some Behemoth buffs.

The real question is when is it landing…


What are we talking about here…the actual damage hitting someone while rolling does…or something else?

The actual damage from hitting someone while rolling isn’t anything special.