How did Goliath lay them eggs?


After playing a game of Nest, I have to wonder, them eggs are massive. Despite Goliath’s size that’s gotta hurt.


listen to the dialogue ^.^

There is a hint of an egg-layer so goliath isnt the one laying the eggs :wink:


Is there really? That’s awesome.


Eggs are just shells from space to planet imo. It’s how they get from world to world.


So there’s like a Queen monster… Now we just need an Assault class who uses a robotic endoskeleton who can shout “Get away from her you bitch!” when Caira is attacked…


Support : They grab the colonists, they move them over there and they immobilize them to be hosts for more of these. Which would mean that there would have to be a lot of these parasites, right? One for each colonist. That’s over a hundred at least.

Medic : Yes, that follows.

Support : But each one of these things comes from an egg, right? So who’s laying these eggs?

Medic : I’m not sure. It must be something we haven’t seen yet.


I can just imagine the mother monster like Gaea… Ugh.


Also (genuinely Evolve this time) in case anyone didn’t know, according to the companion app, Goliath, Kraken and Wraith share similar DNA.


Like purebred dogs.


What if Wraith was an experiment gone wrong? Think about it? How did they manage to trap a Wraith? The sneakiest on in the game? Maybe Kraken could be trapped, I don’t think Goliath can. Unless it is 12 hunters.


I’m fairly sure one of the game modes on a specific map has a Goliath in a cage.


Refueling Tower has a Goliath trapped in a cage. The only monster not featured trapped in a map is Kraken… so far!


So I just got a crazy idea for something to happen in the game like an every once in a while event where there can be a group of 12 people taking down one huge mega “Raid Boss” Monster I.E. A Queen or some kind of super beast just to kinda test the community with the ultimate form of teamwork it would be awesome on sooooo many levels, impractical but awesome.


While a good idea, doesn’t really fit into evolve. Although, who knows, maybe Evolve 2 might have some larger plans in store for us?


I was hoping out of his tight little tush :3


Thanks for the compliment, means a lot to hear that but now that I think about it it does seem bit far from the Evolve idea of the game.


I like the idea of going from a bunch of Hunters to fight a Boss, to MANY hunters/players against a RAID type boss. While bigger isn’t always better, the idea of having more than 4 against you does have a novel approach.


Ah, now that’s the age old question everyone asks sooner or later.

I’ll relay the instructional video Caira sent me to better prepare myself for the troubling times ahead.

… So ok, when a mommy Goliath gets together with a daddy Golia-…


OHhhhhhhhH G-g-Go-GUH-g-G-G-g-G-g-


By the third cycle of Buckets decompiler!

You don’t want to know @Uberfish. If Caira sends you a video, just burn it. It’s not worth it to see the horrors I just witnessed!

Go home, lock your doors and lets never speak of this again.


Carefully. And very, VERY painfully.
Stay in school kids.


My theory is that they all started out as the same monster, and that they just evolved differently.