How dare you, Insane. I thought we were friends [Tara made a gif]


Hi everyone.

I have a story to tell you. Imagine this.

Scene: The first floor of Turtle Rock Studios. Mid February.

Imagine you’re me, Tara, producer at Turtle Rock.

Imagine seeing the community team (because you aren’t their producer yet), working sooooo hard to prep for TU09 launch and you want to help them anyway you can.

Imagine you crack open Photoshop, and teach yourself how to make gifs, all while trying to get everything ready for launch.

IMAGINE YOU CRAFT SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL, SOMETHING YOU’VE BEEN SO PROUD OF, THAT YOU SHARE IT WITH EVERYONE YOU WORK WITH. Sure, part of it’s the over time and you’re a little delirious, but you’ve been been more excited to have made something.

Imagine waiting months, literal months, to be able to share it with the world.

Imagine how devastated you are to see that finally, @Insane_521 goes to make a post about the Shared Dome - THE VERY FEATURE YOUR GIF IS FOR - and find out that he was in a hurry, and completely forgot about it. Your gif. Your art.

I won’t let you steal this moment from me, Cory. I know you tried.


Let's start this one off with a tease, shall we? - The Shared Dome





10 out of 10 would GIF again






This was a helluva first post to come back to. Well done. It got me to crack a smile.


That’s now going to be the official comeback of Evolve players.


It’s beautiful!! :heart:

#It’s raining domes! Halleluja!


Shane reminded me that I even showed this to 2K marketing execs. THAT’S HOW PROUD I WAS. AND THEY DIDN’T FIRE ME AFTER THEY SAW IT.


Rock it Tara. You awesome GURL.



For @Insane_521


All hail the Freequel!


Is it bad that my immediate thought and almost reaction was to post a Not the Bees Nic Cage Gif in reply to this?



Well played sir well played


Being someone who learned to use photoshop, and is also very proud of the art and such that they have made in and outside photoshop, I know exactly how you feel.

If I knew how to post images, I’d post one here as a gift for you wonderful gif.


There is an upload button! Are you on phone or computer?