How come people don't realize this yet?!?!?!?


Listen, I love Evolve to death but I am honestly very worried about the future of it and how it is even right now. And I know there are thousands of hate threads like this, but I really want people to realize what I am saying right now. Think about it. Right now, at least in my opinion, the game is extremely Hunter-sided. Every monster, except for Kraken, is complete garbage right now and way to easy to kill. And the thing is, when they nerf kraken in the next patch, the whole game will be completely hunter-sided. All of the buffs (and there aren’t that many as it seems) coming to monsters in the next patch are very meager and don’t really mean much. However, on the other hand, the hunters are getting more buffs and very little nerfs. Once Kraken is nerfed, the game will be all hunter-sided. It makes me mad because people have never thought about it and don’t realize it yet. When the next patch comes out, all of the monster will be horrible and the hunters will be dominating. And when I say this, I mean in Hunt 2.0, not in Quick Plays which for some reason, seems to be what the devs are paying attention to. I have had Evolve since release and it is by far my most favorite game of all time, but the future of Evolve truly worried me.


Im still winning a vast majority of my matches with wraith, i find the game is pretty balanced in its current state. As for the new patch ALOT of stuff is gonna be changed and not just in the form of “nerfs and buffs.” Gameplay and core mechsnics are getting tweaked, added, or thrown away, so for us it may seem wierd but thats bc were not seeing the whole picture. try reserving judgment until its actually out.


well right now yo u can win with othe monstas but its way more challenging to do that then with kraken


If you’re talking about the Micropatch, we don’t know all the details yet, but there are some monster buffs. They can’t do coding changes in the Micropatch, so it leaves out a lot of the monster changes that they have planned, but they are trying to fit in what they can. However, besides the nerfs on Kraken, Gorgon is getting numerous changes, Goliath is getting some help, and Elder Kraken is being buffed. Crow and Jack are being reworked, whereas Hank, Wasteland, and Slim are all being nerfed. Parnell, Hyde, and Torvald are all receiving damage reductions, as well.

Now if we’re talking about TU9, the monsters are receiving a lot of reworks and adjustments to make them stronger. Behemoth will be faster and more offensive, Wraith is going to have a reliable 4th skill, Goliath is getting changes to help him in combat, all monsters are getting generalized armors pool and some (possibly all) are receiving health buffs. Stamina cooldowns are going to be all the same, so it will recharge faster out of combat but slower in combat. On top of that, there’s going to be a lot of anti-toxicity changes to make the game more fun for both sides, as well as many fixes for bugs that screw with gameplay.

I haven’t even listed all the changes we’ve been told about for TU9, and there’s many more that we haven’t even heard. Map changes, details on the anti-FT3 and relay camping, and more monster and hunter changes. So, I think both patches will be good for the game (the Micropatch is supposed to help tide us over until TU9), but we’ll find out for sure when they hit.

As for the game being hunter-favored, the discussion has been tossed around a whole lot on this forum. There’s another thread that just had a very long conversation about it. It varies from player to player and platform to platform, but I generally see members say the game is hunter-favored - at least in high tier play.


Woah woah woah there :sunny_face:

Be careful what you say, you might be burned at the stake for saying the truth! A lot of people in this community refuse to believe there’s a Hunter favored meta! Or a Hunter bias! Or that Kraken is the only Monster whose closest to being balanced!


I been believing hunters are broken since I hit 3 stared silver in hunt 2.0


Another one to be burned at the stake!!!

But yeah monsters are not having it good right now.

  • Both Goliaths are clumsy wankers and easy to derp. Derpliath anyone?
  • Kraken can be overpowered, but still suffers versus teams of its equal skill. Sluggishly slow and gets chipped easily.
  • EKraken has Kraken’s flaws and is made worse with underwhelming abilities and combo heavy playstyles. Strangely squishy.
  • Wraith Decoy is a liability with its dumb ai and all the fire that’s in the game. Her heavy attacks are crap and unresponsive, soft cc puts her in a standstill and hard cc is stupidly stronger than it should be because wraith has a slow (bad) turn rate.
  • Behemoth is unbalanced, op in lower tiers and underwhelming at higher levels but of his reliance on combos. But had a view animation exploits that can make him take down a hunter faster than any other monster.
  • Miley who basically only has 2 and a half ability. Riddled with bugs and still falls through maps as well as pounce bugs.

we don’t know for sure what the micropatch and title update will bring, but we do know that most of the hunters are being taken down. Except for Val , she’ll be getting more buffs …because TRS loves to buff DAT booty.


just waiting for a ice monster that can stop hunters in place



They could do that with Behemoth.

Just change Lava Bomb into a giant snowball that freezes the hunters.

Fissure can have ice spikes coming up from the ground.

Rock wall can be Ice Wall, it’ll be unclimbable and does dot but it only has three slabs and doesn’t curve.


right now a behemoth needs a way of doing something like this hes just to slow when roachers happen especially with hank and laz


TRS have all the info/telemetrics on game balance - no one knows more than them. That’s the simple truth.


Full patch notes aren’t out, you quite simply cannot say that monsters are getting nerfs while hunters are getting buffs.

And the poster above is right, trs have infinitely more information on the state of the game than a series of subjective viewpoints in either direction.


It’s a good thing there’s so many people who know how to balance this game so well, otherwise TRS would be in a lot of trouble.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen any more exaggeration than this. I still win fights with Meaty and Gorgon, and still lose battles with Kraken. Shit happens, people get lucky, etc.


People seriously need to stop exaggerating.

I mean, I get it, don’t get me wrong. I get people’s fears about Monsters being underpowered and remaining so even after the upcoming patch.
I think - by nature - TRS caters a little too much for the casual side of the playerbase, and it always requires a little “push” on our end (be that in the form of threads, complaints or debate) to make them realize Monsters are slightly on the weak side at a competitive level. So they buff him.

With every patch they release, 90% of Monsters would be too weak if we weren’t around to remind them of how bad Monsters are at high level player. And that’s okay. Many developers require their community to help them out with this. It’s a forum. It’s what it’s for. Discussion.

So I understand that with a big title update like TU9, people fear that TRS might have “reset” this little game and once again release a patch where Monsters are still on the weak side.
They’re being very secretive despite some confirmations made in 1 thread about the upcoming changes and as such we as the community don’t have the ability to bring in a lot of feedback prematurely.
It’s only logical to assume that means they’ll release a patch that was good to their liking and as such won’t be very balanced for high level.

But come on people, you don’t know. Judging from the few hints so far about what’s to come, it’s clear that TRS has made note of previous feedback and is working towards a balanced game at high level play.
So let’s all just take a step back, and wait for the patch first.


This. 1000 times this.

I cant help but feel the majority of the people who are concerned that the game is HEAVILY hunter favored, are monster players who are not as good as they think they are. But in fairness, MOST people think theyre better than they actually are for a number of reasons.

Every. Single. Monster. In this game is capable of turning hunter mistakes, into a victory. Some require more/bigger mistakes than other (behemoth is quite arguably underpowered, but still if you mess up- Youre going to lose), but everyone of them can.

I strongly feeel a lot of players dont comprehend how thin the line is for balance in this game at times. Small, seemingly subtle changes, have made HUGE impacts on a characters overall performance- Because they were so close to it before hand. And even THEN, I strongly get the impression a lot of players (hunter and monster alike) can lose a match- and NOT realize how amazingly close they were to winning.

The amount of times ive seen a monster down/kill/whatever 3 hunters (often some of which already had strikes PRIOR), and only JUST lose against the final hunter- Only to walk away and feel like they were hopelessly rofl stomped into the ground and complain about it- Is too damn high. “NO! You were a sparrows fart away from winning. How did you not see that?”

But ya. Exaggeration. Stop it.


Ooooorrrrr maybe you should come to peace with the fact that you are not Monster player material.
How come lots of people don’t realise this yet ?!?!?!?
I did.
I play Monster up to a certain crappy level and I have no problem to accept it.
I always play hunter and when I do play Monster I am playing Monster in ranked with crappy hunters I can more or less win.
You should too, move on , Evolve :wink:
Calling the whole game hunter favoured because you cannot play as Monster is just … well I won’t even say dumb… I guess I just did though??


I’m not saying your wrong, but your partly wrong. Monsters can lose a lot if either the monster player is bad or the hunters are using mics. If you play ranked, chances are you are playing against a team of friends.

TRS also wouldn’t dick over monsters that hard. It’s checks and balances. Monsters are said to be gaining flee from domes, while hunters are getting down increase damage. wait till TU9 before making assumptions.


I believe every monster is balanced, but with so many variables in evolve, Kraken looks op and behemoth is abuseable. Tongue grab + fissure is getting old. It’s not like wraiths abduct where you have a chance at dodging.

People complain about Hunter meta too, but people don’t look at what monsters pick to win. Like how I said the tongue grab + fissure. Does that make it a meta or a strat? Like how hunters are, monsters pick the most likely path to a win and not for the fun of the game.

The game is Hunter and monster op in different areas of the game. People just need to get over it and accept that the game isn’t equal in all areas.


Stealth mechanics, Wraith, Behemoth, Val darts, Sunny, Slim, etcetera.


To be fair you can’t really blame this on Behemoth as much as it just highlights a weakness in the design. Lava Bombs is too slow and inconsistent to be used with a Tongue Grab, and Rock Wall only has potential when you’re in a cave or building. It’s not so much about the most likely path to win as it is the most viable way to win. Unless of course you’d prefer to be rolled to death.