How come Evolve comes with 4 discs on PC


I opened Evolve to find a stack of 4 discs and I was wondering what they were all for.


all of them skins


Really they need 4 discs?


I was joking


Oh lol then what are they all?


My guess is the obscene amounts of data for the tutorial videos. I think without the tutorial videos the game would be like 10 GB smaller.


Maybe I just can’t believe that I opened it and a thick stack of discs were there


Give that man a cookie.
Whenever I bought hard copy of some game, mostly CEs (Collector’s edition), I redeemed the key on Steam or Battlenet… etc… and rather downloaded that game than disc-swap, too lazy :smiley:


I enjoyed your cookie m8


Psh, my dl is faster than a disc drive anyways (not really… But close enough and much easier)

ACTUALLY I don’t even have a disc drive xD