How can you tell if a body has decayed and Laz can't revive?


I know that Laz can tell if a body is revivable or not but how can a monster tell?


Timer or eaten


Yes assuming the game isnt laggy or buggy. You can tell if he dead or not by just looking at the body, if its bones well he is dead ;c, and if he died in water then he is already dead so dont bother.

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When the monsters smells, there’s a blue outline around dead bodies. If it’s decayed, nothing will show up.


Unless Laz hovers.

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Thats a myth! You hear me?! MYTH! Now go on up to your room, boy!.. damn black magic.

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If the dropship timer has already started you can’t really tell unless you count in your head.

Whatever you do don’t suggest a HUD element. I did this once and was shut down for suggesting a “laz nerf”