How can you tell if 1 of the hunters is hacking?


What if hacker getting smarter? like you know before if they about to lose the game, they will just turn on hack and do massive damage to the monster and kill it, What if they ADJUST the amount damage of the hack programs? and make it seem reasonable? how can we tell ? ( excuse my english)


There is specific hacks out there, and they are not tweakable. So if someone is hacking it would be kind of obvious.


So far I’ve encountered 2 damage related hacks:

  • The ability to instantly kill the Hunters/Monster.

  • An aimbot that can also shoot through walls (and the Monster), allowing characters like Abe and Parnell to deal constant headshot damage even from behind.

I’m not sure if the hackers actually can be more subtle about it. I don’t think they just type a value like 20% and then they’ll do 20% more damage with every shot.

Especially now that TRS is making the questionable decision of removing most burst damage from Assaults (looking at you, overly nerfed Plasma Lance and Mortar Cannon), it’s nearly impossible to do more damage than your character’s low skill ceiling allows.

Any additional damage would be extremely easy to spot by an experienced Monster player.


The best way is to record your matches and then when suspicious you can go back and look for evidence such as teleporting, or unusual damage.