How can you say this community isn't toxic?


Just look at any post with legitimate criticisms or questions from someone who is not a regular and you will see the systematic dismantling of that persons point of view,criticisms and even self esteem. Eventually labeling them as of less value than people with positive things to say.

This by definition is bullying and it would appear to only worsen when applied to the mob mentality of the forum regulars and their love for the game/developer blinding them to the potential effects of their words and actions through their vehement defense of said game/developers .

Im not trying to start a war although im sure 0.1% will extrapolate the correct tone or point from this post I just wish some of you could comprehend the bigger picture and understand the effect your actions have on others.

You are a bully. But you CHOSE to be that . Why not CHOOSE to be better?


Welcome to the Internet, Sir!


because this game caters to the same group of people as league of legends. if those plebs are playing there’s 100% chance the game dies


Im sorry I don’t completely follow what you are saying. Which demographic is it you are derogatorily referring to as plebs? And how does that tie in to the game “dying”? Is it the actual demographic of the community that is contributing to the death of the game via their toxicity ?


This is the friendliest forum I have ever seen. Have you not been on a sports team forum from any sport anywhere?


What you are seeing is a community who is frustrated with people coming in and making new copies of the same threads day in and day out. At one point they may have felt that they could weather the criticisms, but after seeing the same posts time after time people get frustrated.

It’s how forums work just about everywhere. Eventually people see the same stupidity over and over and begin to see it in threads where it’s not actually present.

Welcome to the internet. Hail cynicism.


Citation needed.


All internet gaming forums are toxic lol.


And this justifies the bullying? As far as I am aware there is no justification for it . Nobody deserves to be treated in such a negative and harmful way.


The only negative and bullying I have seen has been from new posters that come to bash the game


Just who are you referring to when you say they’re being bullied so,
The people swearing, throwing insults meant to hurt us personal?
If that’s kind of person you defend then I’ve got news for you,
They lost their right to speak when words like ‘retard’ from their mouths did spew!

I’ll listen to a point that’s true or false, if it has got respect,
Else-wise I’ll leave it to the mods, they’ll mark it with a tag called REKT.


I do not follow sports nor venture in to many forums so I am unaware if this is a pervasive problem throughout forums in general. However it still highlights the issue that people seem to think its ok to bully provided they can do it anonymously .

I guess I am realizing how forums such as this provide an ugly microcosm of (in this case) gamers and how this impression can only be changed by those who continue to promote the bad impressions that society attributes to them.


Yea, it is sadly all too common on gaming forums. It might be the testosterone, the youth, the state of the interwebs… dunno. But it’s not unusual.

I for one do try to get folks to back off the name calling and aggressiveness and move towards a more civil conversation, but it doesn’t always happen (looks over shoulder for @leyba making WK comment…lol).

I wonder if some folks have actual J-O-Bs and if so, would they talk to their co-workers, boss or customers that way? I doubt it. And I really don’t care if the other person started it… that excuse is mildly childish on it’s own. I for one always take the high road… call me any name in the book, I’ve heard em all (and often wear as a badge of pride lol).

All I can offer is to ignore the vitirol and engage in convos with those willing to have a debate on merits, not on impulse.

And while not an excuse by any means, as stated earlier, other boards I am on are a lot worse… sigh… Strange, since we all share a common passion; gaming (and in particular, this game)

“Be careful when you fight the monsters, lest you become one.” - Friedrich Nietzsche


This my second? game forum I have ever read but I read A LOT of sports forums. This is by far nicer. I would say there may be even more people that view sports forums than game forums and the majority of the people that would come here from seeing those forums would think this place is respectful.


It would appear you foster a similar set of values to myself and thank you for your insightful response. I agree that in the real world or in a professional setting these people would act differently .

My intention is not to stop this going on(a statistical impossibility) but more to highlight the issue and put the spotlight onto the people exasperating the problem. If you don’t want to be labelled a bully. Don’t engage in behavior associated to bullying. If you want your community to be looked at with respect and equality then hold yourselves to a higher standard thus making bullying in your community the exception rather than the rule. Unfortunately at the moment there is more negativity than understanding or even neutrality .


No. No we haven’t.

My god, seeing post after post about Evolve on the Evolve forums? SOMEONE CALL THE AMAZED BRIGADE.


This, so much this.

OP, when you say bullying, my mind instantly goes to the new posters. Most posts they make are either angry or have already been said, and it gets annoying.

It gets worse when you try to give constructive criticism, or try to answer the question, and then they get angry because either A: They don’t like your answer, B: You aren’t a Dev or mod, or C: They don’t like your tone, or the way you said it.

Naturally I’ll get angry and defensive when someone gets mad at me just because I tried to help them or explain something to them.

And trust me when I say this; before the new guys who scream about nerfing everything came along, this place was amazing. Zero fighting, LOTS of Dev interaction, all that other fun stuff. If you want an example of the “Good 'Ol Days”, you should look here.


You know what? Fine, I’ll be the bigger man here in this situation,
For every thread I reply to that makes an OP accusation,
Or defames the iteration of the game we gather jubilations
from, I’ll post my thoughts and advice, my constructive consultation,
So as to help the opening poster with any operation
gone awry, maybe they’ll heed my specific recommendation,
And if they don’t, I’ll just sit back, without a trace of indignation,
I’ll have tried to help, so should we all, it’s our unwritten occupation.


In any case League of Leagends isn’t dead by those people tough. But I think you meant the dies in terms of good behavior.