How can the hunters be expanded?


I think im supposed to post this here…

First, Evolve is a great game but I’m having a hard time seeing how new hunters can be expanded without feeling gimmicky or derivitive of the previous tiers. For example, tracking methods for the Trapper class. We haven’t seen a heat/thermal vision, maybe mobile tracking drones after that… what? More pet veriations? Although, a basilisk soldier here might be gimmicky but unique enough.

Assult, how many ways can we really aggro a monster?

Support. This catagory actually has the most flexibility, debuffsthat increase monster cooldowns. A method of reducing monster stamina and alternative buffs for hunters.

Medic. Here, deployable heals(bucket turrets foor example) and… thats about it.

I’m just trying to see how much in expansions are there really coming our way without repitition is there? Maybe I’m just being a negative Nancy. Help me out here community, am i missing something?


As long as the devs and this awesome community have imaginations we will see some awesome additions for monsters and hunters.

I’ve read tons of awesome ideas on these forums already. I could see hunters coming from combinations of these ideas.


Melee Assault. Mech Assault. Support with Decoys. Trapper with UAV-like tracking. Medic with Teleport/Blink.


A trapper that is actually a horse and tracks by doing horse stuff. An assault honey badger that attacks using his face and always targets the gentlemens/ladies fun zone. A support otter that floats on its back in the various pools of water whilst breaking clams on its stomach with rocks occasionally finding useful buffs inside said clams. And last but not least a medical hamster that’s small enough to evade nearly all mister attacks and heals using plasters applied via touch.


Why do we need to? ^.-
Burn his ass, make him run. Protect your team that way.


Clearly we just need more mutants like Slim now that they’ve jumped that shark. Hmmmm, maybe a shark-man?!


Shark person as a Trapper, uses a sharks sixth sense to read electrical signals sent out by creatures in a 30m radius. Uses a nuerotoxin filled dart gun to extend monster cooldowns, dome, and main weapon is a single shot rifle that fires explosive tipped harpoons. Call him Bruce.


Lolololol this is the best!


In order to sniff out wildlife buffs. He’ll be the buff hunter! Oh wait… that’s every hunter already… …


All ive seen posted just feels gimmicky, but i can see that there is some room for improvement


Assault: here you are assuming that aggro is only way assault is useful… I think eventually TRS will find us ways to do damage without just pulling a trigger… Like a weak assualt with 3x weak points who can defend team… I think we will soon see more utility added to assault and hopefully melee

Trapper: I think we will first get a “physical tracker” character who tracks through trails and clues that monster cant avoid but require utmost dome skills of trapper player… As well as more abstract means of tracking like griffins triangulation… I personally hope we get some trappers that flip the script on monster… . such as a battle trapper who speeds ahead of team to trap monster one on one and hold it in place while team gets there… All the while pestering and dodging monster in dome… And stealthy trappers that make getting away easier like it does for Lazarus

Support: this really is my favorite class due to its ambiguity… How exactly does one qualify as support? You can’t really define a particular direction any character must take to be helpful… So this is wide open

Medic: another of my favorites because of the different ways one can describe healing… As we see with characters like laz… How about a medic who can’t stop downs at all barely… But she can remove strikes from hunters and is great at reviving downed hunters… Letting the team concentrate on constant damage to monster as opposed to having to panic as soon as someone is down… Even as laz… Or a medic who heals teammates over time by placing healing fields… And who prefers to have to monster focus him over the rest of the team