How can Slim be made a more viable medic?


First off: I’m not asking how I can. I’m suggesting how we can make Slim a bit more viable in the actual fight.

Slim has a very low ability to survive which is awkward and extremely unfitting. He’s suppose to be beside the monster. He only has one ranged heal and it’s a bug to focuses healing. The bug dies whenever ANYTHING touches it. So his better form of healing is his rapid heal burst. Sure, that’s cool and all but what about keeping himself alive?

Now I’ve been playing a bit more Slim of late. (I stopped after the newest changes to him a few months back) I was trying to figure out why Slim wasn’t a viable medic. Now I think I’ve figured out a bit of the problem: his self-healing. Now I know that’s a problem for most medics (perhaps save for Caira and Emet) but it’s a serious problem for Slim.

I was playing a match to test out how many healing bursts it took to heal myself from very low health to full health. Seven. It took Seven healing bursts to get me from dangerously low to full health. I mean, his outward healing is nice. I was able to keep my team alive for a good portion of time as long as I focused on them. So I’m not complaining about that. I’m not complaining about the bug. I’m not complaining about the Spore Cloud. Heck, I’ll even say that those are pretty good. However, his self-sustainability is lacking.

So my suggestion on making him a tad better is to up his self-healing. It shouldn’t take seven heal bursts to recover from reaver and blitz leopard attacks. Once I died from repeated leopard attacks because my team was not only spread out but I needed to heal myself. It was like an unfunny parody of a paradox. I’d heal burst by killing a few Reavers/a leopard. Then I’d get pounced and lose MORE health than I healed. Yet Val can top herself off with roughly two healing bursts. Laz can turn invis whenever he gets hurt. Caira can healing-grenade herself. Emet can healing-buoy himself. What can Slim do? A weak heal burst. Sure he can Spore Cloud, but when you’re in danger it is insane trying to use the leech gun to get your heal burst back more quickly and the Spore Cloud to confuse the monster at the same time.


I think he just needs more self heals, and we can go from there. I think that’s the most important thing that needs to be buffed.


I love slim, probably one of my favorite medics of all time because of the way he plays, which is why it’s unfortunate that he’s pretty up atm.

I think primarily he could use some more self healing since if he gets focused, he dies straightaway without a defensive support.


Yeparoni. I love playing him as well, which is why I made this thread. Ever since he came out I played as him… until recently of course because I felt like winning. ;-;

I think that he had a much better self heal, then he wouldn’t be as problematic. I have to stay away from my team to make sure I don’t die because most of the match I have low health. When I stay away from the team, they aren’t within range. So I try the bug. You know how well that works when a monster focuses. If Slim could keep himself alive, I’m sure the rest of the team will very quickly follow.


For Slim, I tend to usually go with the Health Regeneration perk. I find it makes a world of difference with Slim.


I haven’t played Slim a whole lot either. He interest me the most, but the self heal just isn’t good enough. As many have said, his self heal could be increased. Maybe the range of the healburst too, but I’m not sure about that.


It seems like most would agree that his self heal needs to be upped, myself included. Get on it TRS! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


His healing burst is already double the range of the other Medics’ bursts. Its effectiveness could be increased, but with how rapidly he can recharge it in combat, I’m not sure how viable that is either.


I think he needs his bug to heal himself too. While bug is on someone else, he heals him but small amount. Heal burst heals him more. Spore is a disappointment now, change it back to what it was during launch. Reload speed and fire rate is increased. Then he will be perfect :smile:


Sure he could rapidly recharge it, but that doesn’t make it very effective for himself. If I get hit by a bloody reaver pack I have to spend half the battle healing myself. That just isn’t viable. Sure you can get your healing burst up quickly, but that doesn’t mean the healing burst for self-heal should be so low.

It sounds good on paper. But when you really play, using seven healing bursts to keep YOURSELF alive (not even talking about team-mates) isn’t viable. Emet can run about the area all he wants. Two healing bursts around his buoys and he’s done. He does even more damage than Slim and uses almost the same system- relying on heal bursts. So having Slim, who has to be in close quarters, with a much worse ability to heal himself and much less damage just doesn’t seem right.


You know, I was in a discussion about that. That would be absolutely amazing. I think that he should be able to use the bug on himself. I mean, using it half-way across the map and getting healed doesn’t make much sense. But being able to use it on yourself makes more sense. It would balance itself out by making it a selfish move. You can’t heal anyone with the bug while it’s on you, right?

EDIT What was it like during launch? I only saw the sparkle-effect change and the time expanded. Did something else change?


I think his heal burst radius is fine as it is. It doesn’t force him to get into the thick of the fight but he isn’t isn’t a ridiculous distance away. All he needs from my point of view is a boost to the self heal his healing burst does like you said.


Spores were spamable. The Spore-Gun got a faster reloading-speed.


On paper, being able to HB rapidly by shooting the monster sounds awesome. However, while that does work in some sense, the healing rate is abysmal. I understand Slim’s HB isn’t as high as Val or Caira’s (being able to get 40% of your health back every 5 seconds would be nightmarish), but Slim at his current form cannot maintain a constant heal because the monsters simply out damage him.

If you’re playing with Slim, a defensive support is almost required if you’re going to make it far into a match. I feel like if they bumped his HB slightly, he would be somewhat viable again.

As for his heal drone, it’s a near instantaneous, infinite range and quick to use ability. It’s fine the way it is. His spore cloud now is the result of a myriad of people bitching about not seeing who is who (I’m sure that’s what the purpose of the weapon was). A good counter to this is stepping out of the aoe but what the fuck do I know. Maybe it’s easier to cry on the forums than move a couple of meters to the right.


That’s why I say add the Health Regeneration perk for Slim, it does wonders for him. The only difficulty I have with Slim is getting his Spore Launcher mastery all the way up. I’ve hit Monsters with it and then revived allies immediately, but the game doesn’t register them. I’ve been trying for weeks and it’s only worked once.


As he stands now his combat ability is good, it’s the healing that’s the issue. Increase it too much, you’re looking at him being OP again, too little (as he is now) it’s UP. You need to find an equilibrium. The teammate healing is fine as-is (get a team who can dodge), it’s the self-heal that’s the issue imo. Imo the spore could use a little boot in the ass too, but it’s simply an opinion (I’m a monster main too).


Yeah, I meant to refer to Slim’s self HB the whole time.

Even in Slim’s prime, I never had a problem with him. Just had to adjust my playstyle and adjust my position when I needed to.


Yeah, well people aren’t you or I. Not everyone can handle the spores well. :stuck_out_tongue:

His strengths rely on being in the monster’s face, Get a kraken (almost guaranteed), you’re as good as dead with Slim on your team.


Not completely true. As long as you can dodge a vortex or lightning strike, Kraken has a hard time stun locking. Slim struggles with the lock when being pounded by Goliaths, roll spams, supernovas, etc.

Also, considering Kraken is the easiest head shot target in the game, filling your leach gun is made even easier.


Fair enough. My experiences with him haven’t been kind for this patch, the pellets take WAY too long to get back to you if the Kraken is too far off, you’ll need good dome placement (a lot of high-rises - Weather Control’s Beach area for instance) for it to be of any difference. How to solve that without it being overpowered is debatable.