How can one sleep when they just can't


You guys are all wonderful people, so I made this topic because I can’t go to sleep at all and i’m here to look for some way to jusr knock out. I’ve stayed in my bed for an hour and I’m getting frustrated because I just can’t fall asleep. My eyes are feeling tired, but I can’t sleep at all, no matter how much I try.

What will you people do on sleepless nights? I played a bit of evolve but got bored in 2 matches because of public matches. Now I’m back here on the forums browsing and now I’m here making a topic.


I avoid sleep, like, atall costs style. :stuck_out_tongue: When I do wish to sleep I take pills. But I surmise that’s not an option.

Have a warm drink, light a candle or turn on a nightlight and read, do a puzzle, play an instrument.

Don’t think about sleeping and it will come.


Wow, that sounds amazing at this point! A warm drink you say? Coffee it is!


Coffee would be my go to. :stuck_out_tongue: It’ll buzz you for a little while and then you’ll just DROP asleep. :stuck_out_tongue:


I second the candle - the dim light and soothing scent can have a calming effect. Don’t know if a warm drink will always help but if you think it will, it could. The placebo effect is rather powerful. I take a Melatonin sleep aid every night (5-10mg). I’ve been taking them for years - they don’t make you as groggy as some other sleep aids. An allergy pill (Benadryl) can help - they will make you drowsy. I usually watch some TV if I can’t sleep - avoid doing anything too stimulating. Playing a game you enjoy is not recommended. As far as TV shows go, I find it best to watch something I’ve seen before (multiple times if I can - they put Friends up on Netflix). Again, nothing overly stimulating.


Warm milk with honey applied to a rag works every time.


Try open a window. It will cool down the room and you get some fresh air. That’s the first thing I do if I can’t sleep and it usually works.


Run around, do a mile outside, pushups, sit ups, etc

Exert your body until your too tired to do anything else.


I’ve heard smoking a joint does wonders for some.

But me,i watch series and movies every night.The PC is facing exactly my bed so its good.If i can’t sleep i’ll just put another episode to watch.I always fell asleep halfway throu the episode.

But i feel ya.Sometimes its 7 in the morning and i still can’t sleep.I am usually falling asleep at 6 in the morning but sometimes time goes 9 and im still up :confused:


I think of random video game theories… Or I watch TV… TV makes me really tired really fast…


A bit of dark chocolate of you can eat this will calm you right down. Not too much, just a small square.

Turn off all your electronic devices 30 minutes before bed.

Meditate. Take deep lung breaths through your nose and let the cool air fill your belly, and exhale through the warm air through the mouth a few times. Think of all the blessings you have received that day or previous days.

A small stretch could do you some good.

If you absolutely can’t sleep get out of bed, do anything else, you won’t get bored and suddenly fall asleep most likely, and staying there tricks your brain into thinking your bed is where you should spend time awake; and this could become a problem down the line… This is just in case you’ve been unable to sleep at least 2x a week.

Good luck sir.

  1. Do not do anything stressful and relax as much as possible before bedtime
  2. Sleep and wake up at regular times
  3. Sleep in a cool room
  4. avoid consuming caffeine, taking naps longer than 20 mins or watching TV/computer before bedtime.
  5. Try to sleep only when you are tired
  6. Get out of bed if you’re struggling and go back to bed when tired so as to turn your bed into a classically conditioned stimulus for sleep.

Other tips:
Hide clocks so you don’t preoccupy yourself with the inability to fall asleep quickly

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Hey guys? I think it worked, he must be asleep. :smiley:


Having coffee seems counter-productive. Caffeine has a half-life of 6-9 hours (the amount of time for the amount of caffeine in your bloodstream to be halved), and being a stimulant it’ll keep you awake for a few more hours.

Hot chocolate, warm milk (with honey or such if you’d like) are better alternatives


Heroin also gets you to sleep pretty fast


The candle idea is good, just make sure to get one in a glass jar (something like a yankee candle) and put it on a safe surface away from curtains etc. in case you accidently fall asleep whilst leaving it on :cold_sweat:; if you go for a scented one, go for a scent that relaxes you and you relate with sleep (for me I go with fresh Cotton when I’m trying to chillax in bed on a bad night; had sleep difficulties since I was a child and one of the things I always associated with a good nights sleep was slipping into freshly laundered, crisp and warm cotton beding).

Some relaxsing and softly playing music can help, however you should not go for anything to fast beat: meditation music is good - this is a good example:

Think hard if anything is stressing you in life: if you have any deadlines getting close that your procrastinating over get them out of the way, if something is worrying you talk about it to someone kind even if you feel thay can’t help or wont understand, if you have financial problems talk to the bank or the person who you owe so you can get it sorted out, etc.

When I can’t sleep I make up story in my head, generally something stuped and fanfic-ish but it helps me :sweat_smile: If you try this don’t try to make it good - that will just keep you upand its lost in the morning anyway lol, also don’t make it soumthing stimulating for the same reason… thats all I have


I slept for 2 hours and then woke up because I needed to study for my finals… not the best sleep ever.

The idea of chloroform? Yeah… I’m not that desperate or crazy to try that.


Chloroform really ain’t good. Use Propofol instead. Only 500$ for a small bottle.
As a student you might even get a discount.


Melatonin from the vitamin section at the store might help. It worked pretty well for me. Then again so does Benadryl.

Screen time of any sort might make you feel sleepy, but your sleep quality may still suffer for it.

I would suggest checking out YouTube for some binaural soundtracks that will help you sleep. Even a fan / white noise generator helps me fall asleep.


Yes, but the problem with Melatonin is that you can only take it for 6 weeks. After that period it can
affect your body’s own Melatonin production in a negative way. You need at least a 4 week long
break after taking it for 6 weeks. But that’s a good tip.

Endurance and patience is what helps best. All other things are just a temporary solution.