How can i move preloaded files?(Steam) [SOLVED]


Hey guys. Since i have like super slow internet, i preloaded Evolve at my University :stuck_out_tongue:

The preloaded files are in Steam/SteamApps/depotcache, i already figuered that out.
Now my question:

If i move the files in the depotcache on my main pc, in a folder at the same place with the same name, will i be fine when the game is unlocked? There are some files that say “manifest…” does anybody know what to do with them?


It wouldn’t hurt to try, however, pre-loaded files are touchy things. It’s kinda a coin toss whether or not there is any hidden data involved with those files.


I don’t think you can just move Steam files. However, I know there’s a program that’ll do it for you. Can’t remember the name for the life of me though… I’ll ask my buddy that did it and post back if he responds.


Thats my only chance to participate in the Alpha lol :’)


I think you might also have to carry some data used in the my documents. I know steams bounces between the common Apps and using some form of My Documents.


Ye i know, i have a plan, ill start downloading on my main and see which folders are created and ill put the stuff accordingly in. Most of the time, steam will notice the files and look what is left. if i forget somethin, it will be less than 1GB which should be fine

EDIT: Okay guys for anybody having the same problem:

Do exactly what i said above. Start the preload in your main pc, it will make a folder in SteamApps called “depotcache”, now pause your download.
Copy Paste every file that you loaded earlier in depotcache and Steam will immediatly recognize the files and say “Preload completed”