How can i improve my evolve youtube channel?




I’ve been trying to grow my channel for almost 3 months and it hasn’t had much growth than I anticipated. So I was wondering if there is any tips you could give to helping me improve.


Sure. Change the game. Solved.


To what game?


That’s rude.


It mostly takes patience to actually have growth, but your content is pretty mediocre; it’s just some gameplay videos with no commentary and average gameplay, nothing that really strikes people to make them watch you. Also, what @Hxxx typed is kind of right, I hardly see any Evolve content that is mildly popular, that isn’t from GhostRobo.


There’s no sure fire way to find success on Youtube. There’s a lot of luck involved, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult as time goes on to break through and become known. You’re competing with millions of other content creators, and Youtube’s weighted algorithms which prioritize already popular videos.

I don’t just want to point out how difficult it is though. There’s plenty you can do to help your chances. First, go and watch other popular gameplay video creators, and make notes.
Do they talk with the footage? Is commentary live or added later? What’s their personality?
Are they good at the game(s)? what’s their niche? what’s the target audience? Do they post reguarly? Are they on social media? How long have they been around? Do they also live-stream?

Doing this research will guide you towards setting up your channel to target the right audience with the right content… Then it’s down to hard work, patience and luck.


Well new microphone
2.try to talk,watching you 5minutes being in lobby was not really fun,cut it out with video editor
I could watch your video 10seconds before I got so bored that I had to go for beer and get drunk. Man It is depressing to watch you.
3.add some good music if you are unable to talk
4.change names of your videos to something more interesting study click-baits titles and copy them
5.If you wanna ever have sucess with pure gameplay videos,buy webcam and use it

There are millions youtubers with better content that have under 100subscribers,why do you except doing better while bein’ worse?


I haven’t watched any videos yet I am at school just saying before you say he/she has already did that!

First off you want to make your voice heard I know it may be hard but talk about things you like and talk like you are really talking to the people watching

Second off You don’t want to play just one game! One game can limit how the watcher likes your content! Let me give an example say I am famous on youtube people like my evolve videos but others really like my Monster hunter Videos! With more than one game on your channel you can easily bring in more veiws

Third off is that you need to be interactive! While this can go with the first step I count it as a diffrent step ask people what they like more so you can make people more happy, ask for challanges, and ask for other games they would like to see! You can reply to peoples comments and ask them for feedback on how to make your channel better!

Fourth off I would say play with your veiwers! People enjoy playing with people they like so maybe you can set a twitch and stream every weekend letting people able to play with you in games they like!