How can I get in touch with a decision maker/marketing department/developer


I recently opened a thread on free to play, it was closed since it was previously discussed (October 2015 though) anyway I’d like to have a chat with someone from the marketing department how can I make that happen? Would like to get their views on not just that but other ideas I have. Thanks


I guess someone could tag one of the devs…but I get the feeling that 2K / TRS are not going to switch Evolve to a free-to-play regardless. Best of luck to you though.


@Jaygarrick, check this link:

scroll below and you will find the email for the marketing department of 2K Games. Although I would not suggest to contact one of the devs. They are busy as it is and are not much involved in the whole PR/marketing.


Those topics were shared to show you some of the arguemunts on F2P. Not to continue the discussion. If you have questions, then it’s best to PM the mods since they can answer it, without starting a new F2P thread.

All that I can say is F2P won’t work for evolve. It is an expensive game to develop, and the workers at TRS have bills that need to be payed. If TRS and Evolve were smaller, F2P could work, but just because F2P works for one game does not mean it will work for another. That’s why not all games are F2P.

As for talking with the Devs- they are very busy working on improving the game. If you have questions, it’s best to PM the mods since they are a great help and do not officially work for TRS the way the Devs do.


Well why can’t the topic continue discussion? New DLC has come out adding more paid content making a paid base game more expensive but a free game more understandable. Also the base game has been on sale several times as cheap as $10 or less. It has also had serious price cuts. That’s new info that could be added to a more relevant discussion. F2P would work, anyone can recognize evolve as it is and its glaring similarities to other F2P formulas.

I’m all for shutting down unnecessary threads, but this could be an ongoing discussion. It seems like these always get shut down because people are sick of posts from months ago, which is a bit ridiculous.


as for what this post is really about, 2K handles official marketing. Good luck talking to them, the best you could hope for is someone from the community team at TRS, but I’m not sure they could help you.


I really don’t like it when people talk about Evolve F2P. It’s a great game in most of our eyes here on the forums. So when people say things about F2P it makes me think that these people sorta/kinda like the game and think it wasn’t worth the money.

Hope this isn’t the case


I love Evolve but felt it was a bit too pricey at launch.

Anyway, F2P has been disscussed so much I really don’t know what could be added to the conversation. Evolve’s problem wasn’t a lack of player interest, it was a lack of player retention. F2P may boost the player-base for a while, but it’ll just drop after the first few weeks.


I would have agreed with that a few months ago, but in my experience people who feel this way today, over a year since release, just want to see the player base of a game they love grow. Similar to why some people want Evolve 2. The thing is, Evolve as it stands now is a platform. It has been continuously updated and added upon, and will continue into the future. F2P is easily an option, and a fair and understandable marketing strategy. Most of my friends have been lost to Smite anyway.


Conversations never end, even if the topic has to change. TU9 was delayed due to unstated legal reasons. Was it marketing and online store restrictions to an unsuspected price cut? Probably not, but I shouldn’t have to write on a 6 month old post to update my conspiracy theories, that isn’t how forums work.


Just to clear things out, it was never confirmed that it was delayed because of “legal reasons” :bucket_salute:


Ah my apologies. Though to my point, something I would never have learned without an ongoing dialogue.


For me, I love this game but its main problem is player base.

A person who would rather the game they love die then have others get it free is a person I would never understand.

To me Evolve is worth the asking price and then some, but to others its value is not obvious.
How to make it obvious? Get it into more peoples hands.

How to get it into more peoples hands? Give it to them free for a limited time or in a limited fashion. Such as a free online demo vs AI with a difficulty slider.

If Evolve became free today would you complain because you had to pay?
Or would you be happy to have people to play with?
I have even bought this game for others so that show what i would pick.

I feel some people are kinda selfish and would even further reduce their own experiences just to make sure someone else cant easily have something they paid for or earned.

Evolve is worth its asking price when it has a decent player base, it doesnt work the other way around.


Wasn’t that the free weekend? Or do you mean longer?

Absolutely not! I think it’s the best 70 dollars my parents ever spent for me!

I guess that makes sense and I guess it would be okay to be free especially since it has all the 2.99 skins


Never, then again, I got the base game but I more than glad paid for the DLC.
Thing is, if it went free to play, I would have tons of experience compared to all these new folks who don’t, and I would be sure to enjoy it when I send them to their doom as the monster (muhahaha).


Why won’t you post your feedback here OP?

  1. The free weekend is a great idea, but it still requires people to learn the game, and that is Evolve’s gameplay issue in a nutshell.
    A better solution is to revamp the games tutorial, make one tutorial for each hunter class.
    Now post this tutorial on PSN as a free demo, and make it online so friends can play it together vs AI.
    This leads to friends getting the game and learning it quickley and easily, once they know how to play you probably just found a few new players who will buy the game.
    We all know the best part of this game comes from playing properly, and this is why new players dont like it, as they dont know how to play.

  2. I bought it on PSN for $60, which is cheaper then it costs in Stores here in Canada ($80)
    And no tax! I actually cemented my decision to buy a PS4 because of this game.
    I dont preorder any game, but I did for this one, no regrets at all.
    (I even bought it for others)

  3. Uncharted 3 MP went from premium to a Free to play model and its player base jumped up a lot. It just lets you get to level 8 or something, then people buy it after getting hooked.

They could easily give people the bare bones base game for free, just tier 1 and level cap at 10 for each character. Once people get hooked they start buying DLC which adds up to more then the current $40 ultimate edition anyways.

Its the cost of entry and learning curve that keeps the players from buying this game or keeping it once bought, I think there are several things that could be done to remove these as barriers.

Another idea, How about this? The game isnt free to play, but they sell individual tiers?

$10 gets you the any single tier (And of course the base game meaning all maps and modes)

At $10 the barrier of entry for people is low enough to entice them into giving it a shot.
Maybe one guy just wants tier 1 and 5? The game only costs them $20!

I can do this all day if you want more options/ideas.



Your post makes me think of something radical…

What if there was actually some form of perceived benefit when you lose also?

Right now for me it feels really crappy when I lose as the monster, I take it very personally.
Its like its me against the world, and I failed.

If only there was a way to take the sour/acidic taste of a Gorgon tea bag outta your mouth… LOL.

I dont even care as a hunter, maybe I secretly/internally blame my team in those cases?
But I also gladly play with new hunters who are learning and try to help them, so losing isnt anything new to me as hunter.

Anyways this is where the class specific tutorial/free demo comes into play, if new players came to the game and knew what they were doing already the world might implode…


Definately want this to happen, I think this has been in multiple threads. Goliath is a Brawler and has his own tutorial. Now no other monster has a tutorial and most people don’t know the Kraken must stay away and be a ranged or even with wraith having to be stealthy. I see where you are going with this :stuck_out_tongue:

Lucky! I have it on the PC and I love the PlayStation! Also the reason it was 70 is because I got the PC Master Race version allowing me to have Behemoth when he was released.

Tier 1 - 3 should stay free though, don’t know if I would completely love this idea. I already paid for two tiers why pay for five? Plus I would rather have all of them than just skip a tier or more (That’s just me though haha)


I’m in the group that believes a F2P model would work wonders for Evolve… I’ve play since betas, preordered at full price and have bought all season passes and a bunch of skins, and still would like a free to play model… The way I see it, as well as many others, is the player base need a huge shot in the arm, nothing gains more players to try a game that are maybe on the fence about it like F2P… The upcoming update is going to completely change Evolve from what we have known and loved, which is great because the game will be new and fresh to me, yet still familiar…a lot of the changes are to make it more accessible to new players, easier for them to pick up and play with less of the frustration that can come with hunting a monster… These changes weren’t needed for the current player base, we all understand the roles, monster limitations, best places to fight, ect,ect…

What I’d like to see is T1 hunters & monster completely F2P to all, with the rumored new leveling system once a player completely mastered the OG character unlocked the skins & rewards that come with that, the variant would unlock and also be F2P…

After that is when the Pay2Play comes in… Tiers would be sold separately, example T2 sold for $15 includes all hunters and monster in tier, along with the unlocks and variants the come with progression of character within tier…

Maybe also characters could be purchased by class, example all medics or monsters purchased as a bundle for $15 includes all unlocks and variants with progression, this option is for those prefer a class…

Those who like to main a character, purchase of individual characters also available, example I like Laz so I could buy just him for $5 included is all unlocks and his variant form playing and progression…

And lastly the complete game including all characters and variants can be purchased as a whole for $60… This option would give access to all OG characters, the variants would still have to be opened thru progression of the character

To keep F2P players interested, a rotating free character weekly would happen (similar to how killer instinct does it)… It would give them a opportunity to try them out, and perhaps entice them into purchasing new content… With the free character all no progression is saved after free period, nor is the variant avalible to be unlocked…

Lastly for the players like myself who have been here since the beginning, have bought everything, and have supported Evolve all along… All currently purchased tiers or characters would be unlocked and avalible, the variants of characters would be instantly avalible without first mastering the OG version thru progression… Each character will still be reset with the update, giving us the same experience as the new F2P players with progression within the new game…

I believe once people try and play they would be hooked, would purchase tiers or characters, and would allow for the revenue needed for new purchasable skins & characters for all… Or even a free new map… These are my thoughts on growing the game, and how F2P would work for Evolve… Happy Hunting