How can I get Caira second star with the acceleration field?


I can’t get the second star with Caira’s acceleration field. I tryed to boost myself, then my teammates but still nothing. I only need this, got the napalm grenade launcher and the healing grenade but I can’t get anypoints for it. Can anyone help?


How many times have you done this?


I have 9 from 74 but I can’t get points.


So you’re saying it won’t go up when you for sure boosted a teammate with it?


Yeah. Can you give a tip?


To double check that it’s impossible to get points, at the start of the match boost your entire team and just run in the direction of the monster if you can. If you still get no points then I recommend you submit a bug report. It might be easiest trying to boost in a solo match since the bots almost always stay near you so you can use it often.


I forgot what the second star requirement was. Wasn’t it just to travel x meters with the Speed Boost?


Second one is: Boost teammates 74 times


You just need to spam the boost then. If it doesn’t work, it’s a bug, and you should make a bug thread.


I feel extremely sorry for you. I have Caira’s elite skin and it was a PAIN to get. even without glitches involved. Sorry but I can’t help you D:


Thanks. Now it works, but it will be hard to get it :frowning: Now I understand how hard is it.


Getting her elite skin left me really burned out on Caira for a while. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the help. Finally, I have all the elite medics (first 3). What do you think: which class should I max out next?


I love support’s cloak. They’ve got great survivability so I’d go with them :smile:


Plus nothing’s more satisying than being a super elusive relay-saving Cabot. :slight_smile:


what? caira is the easiest char to elite.

u just need to play her nothing special