How can i get behemoth


HeyGuys . I bought evolve like in 2015. But then I discovered some new inetresing games and abandoned evolve. I didnt buy any dlc. But then I saw evolve stage 2 and I installed this game again. Now I see no DLC’s , that’s cool. But I want 2 play behemoth. But he isn’t available for some reasons. I’m okay with that. But 1 day ago I saw a guy who was playing behemoth. How? Is this because he bought DLC and now you can’t ban behemoth from him? And can i buy this monster somehow? I have enough money ( i mean ingame lul ) or I should w8? Thanks.


Behemoth can’t be played unless you owned him from legacy currently. He’s in a kinda messed up spot, so he’s disabled to unlock until TRS reworks him a bit.


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As for your question.

Behemoth is only available to Founders who either pre-ordered Evolve or bought him as DLC before the game made the transition to Stage 2 (Free to Play).

However, currently Behemoth is under-going a rework as he isn’t ready yet to be used in the current game, which is why nobody can buy him yet in the store with silver keys. You can view the devs progress on him here:

Let me know if this explained a bit further why he is still locked.


Thanks guys.

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