How can I change size on my screen (Ps4)


So, when I started playing Evolve I noticed one thing, my game isnt full fitting my screen (TV). Those anyone now how can I fix this.


Go into settings, video settings, and change resolution. And make sure that ‘fullscreen’ is enabled


I tried but on ps4 i cant finde resolution settings.


Ah, Ps4. That’s not my speciality. Tagging @Shunty and @Torvald_Stavig, since I know they do play on PS4


This is something you need to do with your TV settings. Make sure it’s set to its native resolution and apply full screen.


It’s actually both @Shunty

Go to your ps4 settings>Sound and Screen Settings>Display Area Settings.


Tnx guys, you helped me, now I can play normaly.


Since your question is answered, can the thread be closed?

@ToiletWraith @Buckets_Sentry_Gun

Or @Jedi_Warrior :wink:


Problem resolved!