How can i cancel Evolve pre-order from steam?


Hello I pre-ordered the game right as it became available on steam and now there is a package that includes a lot of stuff

I wonder, does it have all of the bonuses that the pre-order has like the goliath skin and the forth monster? if it does how can I cancel my pre-order so I can buy this package instead? or if its possible only upgrade to it for a lower cost

Thank for everyone who’s helping can’t wait for Evolve please help me quickly the game is about to be out XD!


Steam has a refund system. I’ll dig up the link in a sec and edit my post.

Here you go.


It can be tricky to get refunds from Steam but if you just want to upgrade you should try to do that instead of cancelling and repurchasing. Start with simply contacting Steam support, explaining what you’re trying to do, and then going from there.


Thank you guys but before i make any action do you know if the new package has the goliath skin and the forth monster like the pre-order?


Yes, it does. There’s no doubt about it.


Anyone else read the title and go “Who is this kid who wants to cancel pre-purchase?!” fearing the cause was because of the flak about the dlc?

xD totally legit problem! GL @soulskeeper!


That’s why I clicked on this thread. I was just like “bbrrruuuhhhh, I wouldn’t make a post like that if I were you”


Yeah i thought it will be a funny title :smiley:


Thank you all and especially @LaggerCZE who made my life a lot easier by posting the link :smiley:

I now have the full Package!


PCMR package is pretty exciting.


just gonna buy it all anyway so way not get some bonuses :smiley:


Yeah I did the same thing as you, cancelled my original pre-order to get the PC Monster Race edition. Gotta have every little bit of Evolve swag.