How arena fits itself with the evolve campaign


it doesn’t
its actually a computer simulation run by bucket to help train the hunters in both combat and tracking the monster, my point is further provin by the new murder pit maps which look anything but hunting material.

what do you think about this speculation? comment on your idea and like if you agree


Hmm interesting, might be the case :stuck_out_tongue:

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think halo 4 canon (war games is a simulation to train new Spartans, explains respawn a lot)

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It can fit in with the campaign, the arenas could be a trap set up by the hunters/colonists in areas they need to keep safe. Multiple monsters have attacked it and gotten trapped, and the hunters need to kill enough of them to force them to retreat or to stall them


I’d pay for that, a virtual reality where you slay monsters


I like that idea, actually, very much. While I do believe it can fit in the campaign I like this idea more.


I actually never looked at it that way, I just want arena mode in the campaign. But this makes more sense.


I agree. It doesn’t fit in evacuation. It’s a stand alone and could be as you say a simulator.
It couldn’t be a trap set up by colonists, for it has 3 rounds. And I’m glad they didn’t put into evacuation. Even though I want more modes for evacuation, I’d like more goal oriented games.


I’d pay for a virtual reality to be a giant monster and slay hunters.

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Me to, me to…

Velvet worm for the win

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What about a virual reality where you can be an obsidian grub :b

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I’d need to be a flock of obsidian grubs, first the hunters then the world!


I dont know if i misunderstood or not but during the reveal stream it was said that murder pits was a place were someone captured the monsters and put them in there for people to fight for entertainment.

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bullshit, nothing catches the monsters and lives!


This thread, again…


wut? 10char

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