How are the new maps?


This obviously goes to all Xbox players as we (PC/PS4) have to wait until end of March but I am really interested to get some feedback how the new maps are from Monster/Hunter point of view. Are the new maps any fun?


According to two or three threads, Broken Hill Foundry is in favor of the Hunters. Heard nothing else though.


I searched for “New Maps” before I created the new Thread :disappointed_relieved: If you think that my thread should be closed feel free to do so…
I am quite surprised that there is so little feedback on the new maps here.


Fear not, I see no reason to close this. :slight_smile: I’m not that cruel…am I? :wink:


I and everyone else in the game got stuck on an infinite load screen both times I tried that Broken Hill mine map


I’m interested to see where the potential fights on these new maps, will best take place.


I have only played a few games on Broken Hill Mine, but I love that map!


Foundry is the smallest map by a large margin - it’s possible to literally cover the entire map with soundspikes. This favours the hunters, but the actual map is full of buildings, spires, and other obstacles so it’s easy to break line of sight a lot. I enjoy it.

Mine is full of tunnels (obviously) that make it hard to use traversals effectively, except for Behemoth’s. It’s also full of choke points, so if the Hunters know which third of the map you’re on they can easily dome you without any chance of getting past them. This would be a problem if close quarters weren’t so devastating for Monsters. I don’t really like the map.