How Are The Hunters Finding Me? (AI)


I’ve been playing against bots lately and for some reason even though they don’t have Daisy they find me instantly. I sneak everywhere and don’t set off any birds but they still track me down instantly.


I moved it to general as this is a rather general topic.

I don’t know. This might actually be a bug.


all trappers have a tracking tool. daisy is maggie’s. if you’re against crow:

RUN!!! Gobi can sometimes be good and sometimes bad.


Well it depends on who you’re fighting, what map you’re on, and how many tracks your leaving.


The AI doesn’t really care whether or not your sneaking as they don’t see as a player does. I have no idea how the AI works internally but I’m going to bet it acts like daisy in terms of following the monster.

Though when there’s a human player involved they’ll just blindly follow the human. :stuck_out_tongue:


They are bots…



Oh, they’re AI hunters?

In that case I’m not sure. Sometimes I level up to 2+ full Evolve meter and they still don’t find ne and I have to go looking for them. Curious.


From my experience with bot hunters they are very slow in chasing because they don’t use jet pack efficiently and spend time killing wildlife. That means they can be easy to lose and take forever to catch up, often when you are looking for a fight. That being said they will usually home in on your location eventually as part of their programming. Sneaking will only make it easier for them to catch up to you. Also keep in mind they have perfect vision and can see through plants so if you are in line of sight they will spot you even from across the map sitting in a bush.

However I have noticed a specific mechanic for when the hunters are in smell range. If you go into stealth mode while out of line of sight when the hunters are nearby they lose you completely. If you disable stealth mode they will start to home in on you again. This works even in a dome. While being shot by the hunters I have stepped behind an obstacle and then gone stealth and the hunters often will not chase me around the corner. If I stand up in normal mode they start closing in again right away. If they have a tracking tool like Gobi or Daisy then sneaking this way won’t work when that tool is active. If they move to where they can see the monster then it won’t work either.

TL:DR The bot hunter AI seems to work like this:

If a monster is a certain distance from the hunters (probably more the 100m), the AI will move in your direction regardless of whether you are sneaking or not. When the hunters are close they will know where you are if you are not in stealth mode even when out of LoS. If the monster uses stealth mode while the hunters are within smell range the hunters will immediately lose the monster as long as you stay in stealth and out of LoS. Remember with bots even the slightest exposure to a bots line of sight will result in immediate detection regardless of any screening plants or non-collision detected objects.


exactly what i meant


Pretty much this. Also, they’ve even done splits on me too. 2-2 and some times 3-1


I have the exact opposite problem- The AI bots are horrible at finding me even if im playing loud with the intent on attracting them lol


Bots are terrible at finding me. I can move around at a leisurely pace most games and not get a conflict until S3. Sometimes they can’t even find me when I’m standing out in the open actively looking for them :smiley_cat:


They can be incredibly slow due to bad pathing and taking time to kill tons of wildlife. If you are moving around the map a good bit they don’t head right for where you are, they head for where you were, and kind of lag behind your location. Sometimes I think the AI bugs out and they stay in one location not moving until you get close to them.

It is still pretty impressive AI, and they keep improving it!


This is legitimately true though!

I have tried to hide with Gorgon and it was Abe I had on the team and they went passed the wall turned around and instantly were shooting at me…stupid bots


It’s a conspiracy, man.


I did a brief study on the bot AI at one point just out of curiousity (I studied AI in college so it has always interested me). Their flowchart looks like this (behold my MSPaint skills):

The bots have a cone for their vision (of what length I am uncertain, but at least 70m) and also have a small sphere of awareness (10m or so) to detect if the Monster is on directly top of them. When the bots get into combat, they use different routines and values. The sphere of awareness is sometimes redundant from a targetting bug that causes a bot to spin around really fast when going somewhere.


i knew i was not the only one!!!

The bots know where you are 24/7

i think they are programmed that way BUT tend to take the long routes and not cut off…


Stop sniffing