How are people able to distinguish between the decoy Wraith and the real Wraith so quickly?


Finally got to fight against the Wraith quite a bit last night, and one of the biggest issues was just identifying where he was. Even bigger though was knowing what was a decoy and what wasn’t. Just never felt like I knew if I was fighting the real thing or not.

Then I was watching a Twitch stream and they seemed to instantly know whether it was a decoy or not. Is there some trick to this? Is there something we should be looking for or take note of?

The unofficial tips/strategy thread

Watch for the animation the Wraith does when activating the decoy. You see a little pinkish “dust” moving in the direction the real Wraith is going.

And also: if you shoot the decoy the decoy flashes and so does the real Wraith. Just shoot the decoy and look around for the real Wraith.


When you shoot it,the decoy kinda blink white and then goes back to normal,also if you are paying attention to how much dash are used (example he warped 2 time and then 3 more time toward you in like 3 second) then it a decoy as they spawn with full warp charge.


What was already said and simply experience. Flat-out you need to lose against Wraith and learn how to be effective against it the hard way. You need to learn how to aim and adapt to its speed, you need to get a feel for telling what is a decoy and what isn’t, and you need to get a few good hits in consistently to then lock in on your method. Originally I couldn’t hit shit with Griffin against Wraith but once I got a sense of how to read the animation on Decoy I was regularly plain ignoring the Decoy and spearing the Wraith. Very satisfying. :slight_smile:


If you’re chasing Wraith and all of a sudden she comes back to smack you with melee attack - DO NOT PUT A FREAKING DOME ON IT.


Haha, yeah, first rule of Trapper against Wraith: If it seems like an easy dome, it isn’t the Wraith. :slight_smile:


I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure when you shoot the decoy, if the actual wraith isn’t taking any damage, the health bar won’t show up.


flames are also useful as they reveal the real wraith everytime they do damage


I know a game last night I pretended I popped a decoy and warped three times straight at the hunters… Thought I was a decoy and ran right past LMAO…

Decoy Op lol.


Whenever I’m playing against Wraith, I always try to keep a lookout for the original using Decoy. Usually, the monster would be standing in a direction, use Decoy, and then the actual cloaked monster moves in the direct opposite direction.


So, in summary:

  • Decoy will flicker white when damaged
  • Watch the Wraith’s health bar when attacking. If it’s not taking damage, that’s a Decoy.
  • Decoy activation plays a very obvious animation where the real Wraith moves backwards amidst a pinkish dust particle effect, whilst the decoy emerges from the front. After a game or two you should get the hang of this.
  • Whilst the decoy is active, any damage done to the real Wraith will reveal him from stealth for a fraction of a second. (It will not break the Decoy however - it will only break if Wraith attacks/warps or if the ability’s time runs out)
  • Hank’s flamer is excellent vs. Decoy as its constant fire DoT will light the Wraith up like a Christmas tree even in stealth.
  • In general, the Decoy’s AI is very simple - dart directly towards the hunters and attack. It will try to take the quickest route towards them.

Other things to be aware of:

  • Wraith can eat in stealth (!)
  • Wraith cannot Warp (Its traversal ability) in stealth, lest it breaks the Decoy and stealth.
  • Decoy can benefit from Supernova and can Warp.
  • Decoy takes no damage, it will only be removed if either the Wraith breaks the Decoy by attacking or warping, or if the ability’s time runs out.
  • For this reason you want to find the real Wraith as soon as possible and pressure it to break the Decoy.

Probably missed a thing or two but those are the points I could think of to help recognising and combating Decoy.


Yeah, I love to Decoy, eat a perk while stealthed with hunters all around me… then warp three times and warp blast to get out of dodge, then decoy again.

I play a monster most of the time…The rule of decoy is this in my opinion “If you are chasing a wraith… and it is coming at you… 90% of the time a decoy”. Especially if it is S1.

Just have the assault zap it to dust … and it only lasts like 3 or 5 seconds… not long at all.

And I dont know about Traps… but I do know it does affect birds. So keep that in mind too. The wraith my not have gone that way.


Fight the Wraith enough and you’ll start to be able to tell when the decoy is out. I can’t give specifics it just becomes easier to detect.


The first time I fought the wraith back in the beta, this was already easy for me.

The animation is a dead giveaway, learn to recognize that and you’re golden.
Aside from that, if you’re shooting the wraith and are afraid of epileptic seizures because of how much it flashes, that’s also a decoy.


All of these are great tips. Something I wanted build on this: You can still hit the real Wraith with all your manually controlled abilities. You can shoot a cloaked Wraith to damage it and stop it feeding. You can traq a cloaked Wraith. Griffin can even harpoon a cloaked Wraith!


If you have maggie her traps won’t go off on the decoy is one I have the ways I’ve noticed you can tell


Oh really? I"ll have to pay attention to this more. I thought the decoy set off Markov’s and Maggie’s traps.


It does set off the mines but not the maggie traps at least in my experience since the miens go off for naythign walkign over them while traps only work on the monster


If you’re playing Maggie, her traps will not hit the decoy, ever. They will however trip Markov’s mines. When she has decoy up, and is stealthed, she can walk over your harpoons, and they will not activate. They need to be able to see her, or they will not activate. Play with Maggie, and learn to set up traps in strategic area’s for Wraith.

Mines also do not damage the Wraith at all, if the Decoy sets them off. As long as the real Wraith is not within blast distance of the mine.

  1. She has an animation that looks like she’s going through her evolve metamorphosis when she poops it out.
  2. The decoy will bee line towards hunters especially medics. Where a real wraith would like want to get out of the situation. Not like the super badass evasive trailer version of decoy.
  3. It’s pinkish and glows when shot.
  4. It has smaller cleavage.

She’s in the bush careful!