How are Behemoths evolving so quick?

Last couple of days been goig up against Behemoths quite a bit. Started to notice a trend; they’re usually evolving about half a minute after we get out of the dropship, and not long after that they get to stage 3.

Just how are they doing it so quickly?

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if your dead respawning in the dropship. its safe for any monster to tackle a 4 meat with no risk. usually they go for those. plus killing hunters gives evolve meter. so theres that.

They just are really good I cab evolve in about one minute and thirty seconds with the right food :yum:

I mean right from the get go. As in we’re just starting the match. We get on its trail and chase after it, but its very frequent that we don’t see it in the half minute before it evolves.

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I understand that (Done it as every monster myself), but so far the only Behemoth who hasn’t done it was a new monster player. It’s been really and oddly consistent with Behemoths.

When you know the feeding routes on maps (generally where the mammoth birds spawn), you can evolve relatively fast, if you get really lucky with the wildlife spawns you can evolve even faster, I think the fastest evolve ever was 45 seconds, but that was before they added the three extra meats for getting to stage 2.

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Not to mention that really annoying spawn delay they added. Sometimes you’re just twiddling your thumbs, waiting for your meal to appear out of thin air.

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Don’t forget how fast Behemoth is. He can roll very fast and take down wildlife even faster. His attacks can easily kill several animals at once. One lava bomb or fissure can take down a pack of mammoth birds like nothing. Any other monster has to hope for the wildlife to group up more.

behemoths usually don’t have reliable roll routes and wild or dumb obstacles can stop all of its momentum so they usually pick feeding speed because once caught its really hard to escape. mammoths don’t require any abilities to kill you just roll and swing and that’s it.

With feeding speed perk and travelling the right direction for optimal food you can be evolve ready before they exit the dropship. my quickest evolve was 34 seconds into the game.

If a Behemoth is evolving really fast its because he took the feeding perk.

What, that was intentional? I missed that in the patch notes; been assuming it was a bug.

It’s a crappy experience, wildlife materializing out of nowhere and me getting aggro because it spawned right where I was eating. It’s worse RNG food denial than trapjaws sometimes.

Edit: just re-read 5.1 and 5.0 patch notes. No mention of delayed wildlife spawn. @Bot, can you cite a source for that?

I’m pretty confident I saw the devs talking about it… I’m shutting down in a couple of minutes, but I’ll look for the quote tomorrow.

It’s not a recent change, it happened a long time ago. I remember it as well.

Yea, its intention was to make you actually get distance away from the hunters because people would not go very far away before the hunters finding them.

As you may be able to tell, it was a fairly early thing that they did.

I still disagree with them doing that. It often times makes it to where you spent the first minute completely hungry and no armor which is a really bad thing.

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yea, it is seriously annoying. I want to evolve ASAP but i have to wait 2-3 seconds for it to actually spawn in and when I need to make distance I miss stuff that I might’ve gotton.

That was a change to wildlife spawning in the immediate drop zone area. What I’ve been seeing is wildlife that’s either invisible or spawning late both far from the drop site and well into the match.

Well, then I don’t know quite honestly. I was out of the loop for like 2-3 months after release due to various life reasons.

As I have heard it, i said it. that is my understanding of it.

“The Lazarus Device is charged!”

My one answer for this is, Feeding speed.

That is all, K thanks.