How about we get some positive feedback for the game


Don’t know about you but all I see is negativity on these forums, how about we get some positivity for once and appreciate the game that TRS and 2K have done. Yeah the games has flaws every game does on release, I think it is time we say what they have done well !

Great game!

It’s infinite X worse in other places.


I just posted my positive feedback.

Also, people only moan about something they want to love and probably mostly do, it’s passion, so it’s a good thing :smile:

But it’s a great idea for a positive only thread, moaners will be ignored :smile:




Hey man, I have been nothing but positive myself… :wink: - I started a thread yesterday about the fact a lot of folks tend to have higher expectations than they probably should… most AAA games seem to have a crap ton of issues out of the gate;

Anyway, beyond the issues that will hopefully get sorted over the next while, I have had a ton of fun and gotten more than my $$ worth. Shit, I’d spend $60 in one night at the local bar. This thing has given me many, many hours of enjoyment over the last week and I don’t see me stopping anytime soon (have some 400+ hrs in GTA, Battlefield etc… already near 50hrs on this one)

I snagged LVL40 last night and keep learning new things, meeting new people, every day. Do I think it needs some work? Sure. But I haven’t had much that is game-breaking (not had the progress reset tho… knocks on wood).

The game is refreshing and new… there are sooooooo many things that make it different than other games I play and that’s just awesome. I shall continue to keep ‘evolving’ my skills and playing this title for the foreseeable future.


This da best Damn game on ps4/xbone right now … hands down… when dying light and sunset overdrive die down… I’ll see you guys on evolve


I love the aspect of hunting the monster, trapping it, fighting it and duking it out. Rince and repeat for maximum enjoyment and awesome teamwork!

Unfortunately that doesn’t happen much when the monster is a wraith.


Great game having alot of fun playing and learning, theres so much to learn it kinda bogless my mind first it seems so so simple but opens up to alot of things.

Looks really great runs great sounds great, cant wait for the new content to come out make some friends and play evacuation for the lolz and if i want to do serious stuff Hunt and hopefully the incomming ranked mode all sound good.

Putting over 1000h in the game will prolly happen.


Ranked mode would suck atm… I am LVL40 and if I had to wait for other high level folks, I’d be sitting at the matchmaking screen for an hr lol

And really, given there’s only up to LVL 40, most peeps will be there in a few weeks - we shall see.

/thread jack


Here is my story/input:

Three clan members and myself were in a lobby with a level 28 wraith. Being level 16-22 we were intimidated and immediately said “ahh crap we’re going to lose”. To make a long exciting and personal story short, he got to stage 3, our trapper domed near power core early to throw him off his attack and hopefully get him trapped in the lower tunnel (dunno how but it worked). Wraith misses our healer on grab, apparently forgets dome was up, traps himself in the tunnel with my mines. In final seconds we had 1/4 health each with our healer dead now, wraith hits my last mine and we won.

Amazing rush, totally fish hooked after that. I had NEVER experienced excitement like that in a game. Seeing coordinated teamwork change the outcome with planning and unorthodox strategy was unparalled.

I don’t get why people complain so much, I’m thankful for such a great game. Maybe my clan members and myself fit that “niche”.


I agree. The negativity outweighs the positivity on this forum and we need more loyal, appreciative player and forum-goers here. There are definitely a ton already, but it can’t hurt.

I’ve been having a ton of fun with this game, almost have all medics elite… Hopefully this weekend I’ll have caira elite and I hope the tournament my clan is signed up for goes well, even if there is some wraith spam :stuck_out_tongue:


Yea, it’s the adrenalin rush, am I right? Hell, I’ll play a match or two before work just to get the blood pumping!!


I agree with you all that adrenaline pump is something I have not felt with a game for a long time glad it is back really


To be honest most of the negative trolling and DLC bandwagoners have disappeared. It’s nice to see that the forum is getting back to normal strategy and game talk. Still issues out there of course, but let’s wait to see what the upcoming balance patch has.

The forum has been actually rather pleasant to read today!


I truly haven’t had this much fun in a video game in a long time. With a group of friends win or lose this game is amazing


Ditto, this game is absolutely amazing and love everything about it. Can’t wait to see what the future has to hold!


Most nights I get done around 8:30, by the time I got home from the gym and showered it’s 10:30. My friend group likes to keep me up until 2am, because one more game somehow became 5 more.


Haha I totally know the feeling. I realized I kept saying “I got one or two more more games left in me” when I just said that two days ago.

Destiny feels like a chore, thanks to evolve I remember what games were supposed be for: enjoyment


If I wasn’t afraid to lose all my progress again, I’d be more than positive because I love the game. But, until I can safely play the game, I don’t really have any positive feedback.

To be honest, I don’t understand how anyone can and wants to play a game where a common glitch will undo everything. Then again, I was on 343’s forums during the launch of MCC, and the fanboys/apologists were…quite something. I hope TR gets back to us by the end of the week.


Monster win is probably one of the more satisfying experience I had, gaining a victory in a multiplayer game. Before that all the chasing, hiding and ambush really got my heart pounding as well.


I assume the majority of people who have posted in this thread have not been reset?.. :sleeping: