How about this type of gameplay?


What about a 1v1 monster versus monster over food and territory? And for the Hunters, like a trophy style game mode where it’s kinda like free-for-all but still after the monster and the Hunter that kills said monster gets a trophy from it. Like a Goliath’s head or Kraken’s wing? I was thinking also for the monster 1v1 have like a territory map thing that resets every month and when a monster tries to invade another’s territory the respected monster gets a boost of some kind? Feedback is welcome, but try to keep the negativity out please.


Hello! You seem to be new here. Welcome to the forums. This may be useful.

On topic;
There have been a lot of threads about Monster versus Monster or Hunter versus Hunter, or really any kind of non-4v1 gameplay, and the general opinion about it varies rather strongly.

I personally dislike the ideas for a couple reasons.

-It’s not technically something that would happen lore-wise. I even dislike Arena for all but farming.
-There would be no way to implement it while also keeping the majority happy. Adding to QP would be irritating and adding a whole new MM for it would just spread the current players rather thin.
-The game was designed around a team hunting a single Monster by working together. Adding variation, like Rescue and Nest, creates heavy balancing issues and it tends to be less fun for one side or the other, or even both in some cases.

In my opinion, I don’t think it should happen, but that’s why it’s an opinion.

Overall, the community can’t really decide on a collective “yes” or “no”, so you’ll get a lot of varied answers and likely some argument on both sides.


A trophy would be really neat, but, don’t the monsters bodies rapidly degrade after death? O.o


There would be huge balancing issues, including having to come up with useful things for some abilities to do against targets they weren’t intended for. What does a spider trap or abduct do against Behemoth? What use is Jack’s repulsor against Lazarus? Etc etc


yeah because they are despawning for the next batch of monsters


In game, yeah. Lorewise, no.

I mean, Kala was working with the same deceased monster tissue samples for over six months. If they degraded as rapidly as they do in game, Kala probably wouldn’t be on Shear right now, let alone be half monster.


Its their RNA that experiences rapid degradation after death. It just stops functioning properly when it can no longer move through cherenkov space.