How about the chimera?

This is for a monster idea. Now if you don’t know what the chimera is then I’ll tell you. The chimera is a Greek legend of a beast with a mixture of animals including a snake as its tail, the body of a goat and the head of a lion. Now this would give you a lot of ideas for abilities.

If you could make this look more extra-terrestrial e.g. For the lions head it could have a mane that looks like a dilo’s(dinosaur type) mane that expands and detracts and 6 eyes with a deep purple and green would look like a hybrid monsters head.for the body, it could have some deep purple and green fur near the head,slowly changing into dark green scales where the snake tail joins up. It could have 6 legs ,the front four with the deep purple and green fur on, and the two hind legs with the dark green scales. For the snake tail. It could have the dark green scales with the snakes head at the end of the tail, which has 4 eyes and poison drenched fangs.

For the abilities they could consist of:

EARTHQUAKE: the chimera’s six legs stomp the ground rapidly, creating a small earthquake damaging a large radius of the earth around it. This can slow down the hunters and ban them from standing on that ground making them vulnerable in the air, otherwise would extremely damage the hunters on the ground.

EMP ROAR: The chimera creates a loud electrical roar, stopping the hunters to use their electrical equipment for around 10-15 seconds, allowing the chimera to take advantage of the situation and giving him time to run or critically damage the hunters.

POISON FANGS: The snake tail of the chimera will strike forwards like a scorpions stinger, and poisoning the target for 20-30 seconds not killing the hunter but can take the targets health down to half, slowly weakening the hunter and forcing them to fall back.

CHARGE: The chimera charges at an opponent stunning them for a few seconds and damaging them. This will come in handy if you want to silently and quickly take out a hunter on his own.

I hope this is a good idea and if you have any improvements please comment down below thx.

BEST SHOW EVER! I wish it never ended

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Already not gonna happen, TRS has been sticking to the humanoid monsters for relatability purposes.

I’m sure my ex can relate to it just fine

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Funny salt response is funny.

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