How about showing 'team indicator'?


For instance, in Overwatch, teams are bonded with visible white lines, like the picture below.

How about we add this to Evolve? It might not mean much, but we all know that playing as party in Evolve changes a lot of things. For example, If I get to know in advance that the hunters I’m playing against are premade, I will be rly careful, use my time super efficient, and will go little more aggresive at isolated hunter.

How does it sound?


Oh yes!! That would be awesome! :bucket_salute:


No.I like to pretend that I m not premade with my veteran premade vs 20minutes played monster so He does not leave
Then killing him in first minute because I’m nice guy.


While I like this, and would like it in the game, I don’t think it is a great idea. It would only cause trouble as Monsters would dodge every premade team they encounter, and Hunters would just bitch at each other if they lose with a party of two or three in the game, because the reason they lost is clearly that the party dicked them out of buffs and it had nothing to do with them just getting out played (sarcasm)