How about evacuation in rank?


Just pure hunt is boring, I own evolve legacy but no one play in that D;.


Well evacuation proved to be a bad thing since it died off very quick after release.

Additionally Evacuation is five games, each is slightly more unbalanced than the last and the modes included were also unbalanced.

Evolve works on Hunt as it is the most balanced mode so no; I’ll say there’s not really a chance of this happening. Sorry :frowning2:


Rather hoping for some other game modes D:
Hard to get friends to play after the repetitive game mode.


They are going to put them back in after reworking all of them, don’t worry.

I kind of miss Evac too.


I’d like to see a hybrid of evac… I dunno what I’d call this mode… But it would be a best 3 out of 5 wins… The mode would be hunt each game, however after each game whatever characters chosen previously are not available the rest to the game… Also after each match the winner gets choice of map/bonus for next round (ex minion monsters, or jetpack increased) just like evac mode… Loser get slight Dmg buff just like in evac… Again first to 3 wins, this would be fun because of the map bonus rewards, being forced to rotate character picks, and winning 3 matches with 3 different characters really highlights over skill… I think it would work best on the ranked side of evolve


At the end it’s still just hunt D;


True… But if it goes 5 games, by thst last game character picks will be extremely limited which make for interesting comps… And the cinematics between rounds are cool, providing more of a sense of reward after each win… Overall winner receives a bonus key reward