How about a "Vs a certain Monster" queueing system?


So yeah, guess what… Im so fed up with playing against wraiths now that im seriously considering on giving up on this game, i have won a couple of games… I have lost ALOT of games! But the point is that i don’t get satisfied at all after playing against one, I honestly don’t care any more if i win or lose against one, because i had a terribly boring game.

And how do i avoid this? I can’t since about 80% of the monsters right now are currently playing the Wraith, it’s anti-fun and so terribly boring to get matched against.

And ofc, you amazing players who go on with your “Omg wraith so easy”, “Stop crying newb” “Learn to play or quit the game”. Fuck off, honestly, and take it personal… This game was amazing from the alpha, and in the beta it was also really nice actually. As it’s going on right now, people are starting to play, learning etc… How would you think people who start playing this game would react after getting into a game, catching something over and over again without any progress at all, chasing something for 15 minutes and then just instantly kills them off.

It is Anti-fun…

SO! My suggestion here is that we doing something about it! Something that give the high horse people and the newbies a fun and interesting game to play!

Before you enter any game, as a party or not… Let the hunter/Hunters check in what monster they would like to hunt, or not to hunt!

Recommended for the newbies

For the Veterans!

And for the high horse people who think the wraith is so easy they can throw punch and miss and still kill it.

However, i can promise you that this would make my gaming experience soooo much better by all means, and alot of others aswell… Cause as it is right now this community is going to fall apart in one way or another.


The only reason I play Wraith is because once the hunters find you as either Goliath or (especially) the Kraken, you can’t ever lose them. As much as you dislike facing the Wraith I dislike taking half my health as damage before even reaching Stage 2. When I lose as Goliath or Wraith at Stage 2, it’s amazing. A great fight where usually only one hunter is left at half health or so. Likewise when I win at Stage 2, it’s usually a close call leaving me with a quarter health or less. When I lose as Kraken or Goliath at Stage 1 because I couldn’t put enough distance between me and them to evolve it’s incredibly demoralizing and I just go Wraith for the following encounter.

*Ever since I decided to fight at Stage 2 instead of 3, I’ve only had to go Stage 3 three times as Wraith, twice because the hunters immediately set up camp at the relay once I reached Stage 2. Didn’t even bother to hunt me.

If your system were to exist, there should be one for monsters too. So annoying having to face Daisy and having all your sneaking be for naught. Or getting green slime from half the map away from Abe.


Sure, i don’t really mind at all that the system would benefit both sides… Just to remove the anti-fun properties of the game right now is what’s most important, and i would assume that it should go both ways.

And i assume you mean Cabot :smile:


MM is already a pain in the ass, but it could work.

As for the third option, I don’t like to pretend I’m better than anyone else, nor do I think I’m on a high horse, but bring on the Wraiths.


This actually isn’t a bad idea, even though Goliath is my favorite Monster. I just have more fun with him.


I don’t want to jump up and down on the idea, but can we avoid things that will divide the community?


I really doubt it, since players can and could switch however they want… Only thing that would happen is that some players, let’s say Maggie / Wraith players would/could have a bit longer quetimes…

The main flaw i would see right now is that a premade group of 3-4 would pick a perfect setup to fight a certain monster and then only que for that perticular monster… And possibly make it a really tough game for the monster. Other then that i really don’t see how it would be a problem community wise.


Im really not trying to accuse you for being like that, but there is alot of those people on this forum at the moment… I mean, if you’re not just don’t take anything written personal. And if you did im sorry for that :smile:


Or you could STOP COMPLAINING. Learn to fight the thing it’s not that hard if you have teamwork. It’s not hard at all.


Did you even read the whole post?

I really doubt you did.


I really think I did because you know I did


Then maybe you should focus on my actual suggestion. It would really make the actual gaming experience awesome for everyone. And no, it’s not that hard to kill a Wraith, i agree with you to 100%. But it’s not a fun monster to fight nor to hunt, so i prefer hunting Goliaths and Krakens.


Well that would take the fun out of playing as the monster if yhe hunters had a chance to show the monster what they wanted to play as. I mean think about it the monster could probably care less about what the hunters have to say.


I am just wondering how exactley would this work because the player picks the monster AFTER you are matched in a lobby.

Like… seriously?


I suppose if we have

Hunters before joining a game

  1. Bans Wraith
  2. Bans Wraith
  3. Bans Wraith
  4. Bans Wraith/Goliath

So they now get automaticly to face a Kraken

Let’s say Kraken leaves the party, and Hunter 4 gets to play monster

Then his/her only option in the game will be to play either Kraken or Goliath, since the other hunters don’t want to face wraith.

If hunter 3 gets to play as monster, his only option will be to play Kraken, since hunter 4 has “banned” the character before even entering the game… So if him/her decides to play as another monster he may que up for the monster he/she wants to play in another skirmish.

But also having this mode in another section of the actual skirmish would also work, so the players can just chose “bring them all” or a more specifik gameplay that they enjoy more.


not likely. why would somebody without DLC opt into a behemoth or other later monster match if they can choose goliath with the most predictable abilities

also, i tend to switch between wraith and kraken, would this force me to switch lobbies every match?


So when you que up for monster, before you’re set in the lobby. You get the option to chose what monsters you would like to play, let’s say you pick Wraith and Kraken…

You will then be matched with hunters who like to fight Krakens and Wraiths and there is alot of players… There will be some quetime no doubt but ye, you can in the same turn switch of Maggie if you like…

It will be a pretty complex system, however… With enough tweaks and work it could become great.


That would defeat the purpose of keeping the monster from showing up until everyone hit ready. Though it is annoying when people explain counters in terms of the monster you’ll be fighting.

  1. You can’t know the monster unless its Evac and he’s a creature of habit, and 2. Most of these ‘guides’ assume you have every character.


Yes it could lead to a big disadvantage to the actual monster im afraid… But as i said before some tweaks to the system could make a big change, like the hunters can only chose one monster not to fight, and as the monster pool increases the “Banning pool” could get bigger aswell.


Oh no, I didn’t don’t worry! Yes, there are a lot of people like that, so I wanted to clarify that I was lucky enough to have a well-oiled team that has some brutal Wraith-Counter strats.