How about a single matchmaking queue with your own preferences?

I would like a single matchmaking cue and in the preferences you can tick or untick certain options like this:

I would like to play Hunt [x]
I would like you play Cataclysm & Overpowered [x]
I would like to play Arena [x]

I am willing to play Monster [x]
I am willing to play Hunter [x]

This will put everyone in one que improving wait times, caters to everyone’s wants and needs. Want to play an Arena game as a monster only tick I am willing to play Monster [x] I would like to play Arena [x] this will match you with any players that have arena and hunters ticked. Want to get into a game as fast as possible just leave everything ticked. So if you really want a certain game mode then you will wait a bit longer but you will get to play what you want. If you are like me most of the time willing to play anything then just leave everything ticked for fast games.

If enough players are available it should match people based on time played, I know it’s not perfect but generally time played is a good indicator of how well people play. At least better then whatever they currently use.

I also think that they should show the cues like so.

[CO-OP] (Hunt an AI monster with the help of four other players.) [VERSUS] (Play as the monster or the hunter against other players, recommended for experienced players.)

Setting it out like this will mean that new players are more likely to play against AI to at least get a hang of the game before playing against other players, which is better then clicking hunt beta waiting 15 minutes to actually find a game and getting stomped by a 1000 hour monster.

In theory this will do wonders for the enjoyment of the game, everyone on the same cue means shorter wait times and may allow the system to somewhat match players on experience not just availability. People not matched with modes they don’t want to play means no more dodging which further decreases down time between games. Implementing this will solve a lot of the issues that people with the current matchmaking and help keep players playing the game. I love this game but just knowing how hard it is to find a decent game is what sometimes makes me not want to play.

I don’t see a downside for doing this besides that it will require work to implement and it will scrap the much loved hunt beta mode.


Yep, good common sense approach and what I would like to see. IMO its really holding the game back at the moment.

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It should be like this from the beginning.

If it will not happen soon, player base will sink pretty fast with the variety of new games that are coming out.

I think the playerbase is small enough to start cutting matchmaking like this. They need to make just Arena mode separate from hunt.

I like this idea. However, how will it play out? Will people with the same boxes checked be paired together or will anyone with ‘play hunt’ be paired together.

This could cause problems with option #2 because if people have both ‘play hunt’ and ‘play arena’ chances are they will be put into hunt 9/10 times, then the people who have only ‘play arena’ selected won’t get queued because anyone who has ‘play hunt’ selected also will just be queued in hunt.

If they make it so only 1 box can be checked at once, then the playerbase will just be divided up.

Basic game filtering shouldnt be a nice to have, it should be a basic component of any game that has multiple modes and maps.

Its never a good thing to take choice away from the player.

Example: If you have selected only Arena, or have selected to play on Overpowered and find you arent getting games on either that is because the players have de-selected those and dont want to play them.

You either widen your criteria or accept a longer wait.

Many online games have maps/modes that arent popular and get filtered out or have their own playlist and dont see much traffic, its just the way it is.

I dont agree with the argument that the playerbase is too small to support filtering.

It woud be really simple for me and would go like this:

Hunt: Y
Arena: N
Overpowered: N
Cataclysm: Y/N depending on my mood
All other maps: Y/N depending on my mood

Choice, an awesome thing really.


Player base is already divided up between beta and hunt. Now they are further artificially divided between players wanting to play Hunt or Arena or Overpowered resulting in repeated match dodging and even further wait times and frustration.

If you have both Arena and Hunt selected sure you will more likely to be put in to hunt if it is the more popular mode however if you have both ticked you should be fine with getting either mode. If you really want to play arena you only leave the Arena option ticked, sure the que time will be longer but if you want to play that specific mode it would be the compromise you will need to make. I mean I think if I wanted to play a specific mode I would be ok waiting awhile for it knowing I will actually get the game I want with people that want to play it.

The system also in a way is self correcting as if for example I always tick more boxes if I am tired of waiting or untick more boxes if I am looking for a specific mode, it a lot less frustrating when the user feels like he has some control.

I would agree with you if we had a little more players but right now we are in the dangerous ~2000 range so I think it’s best to put people in the same que, however the end result will be the same it just means that people who are happy playing both arena and other modes will get into games faster.

Yes, I support this, just make it happen already…

thats just it arena is seperate from hunt…

Before Stage 2 was released, and when we had all the modes separated from eachother, arena mode was heavily favored back then. Well on console at least. But I highly support this idea beause new players will favor arena more than hunt, and they can practise combat. Hunt is next level if you are new.

Thank you for fleshing the idea out a bit more, even the post I made confused some people.

I think this is one of two things th Evolve matchmaking NEEDS, with the other being a proper MMR system.