How about a round of applause for the folks at Turtle Rock


With Emet out some new variations that are coming and continued support for the Evolve community I wanted to take a moment to express my thanks to the people who put all this together. As I read through foroums and wiki’s or anywhere else I occasionally find myself wondering what its like to take a creation that is Evolve and have every single person that plays it give feedback. I would think that some of the less friendly comments about bugs and eluding to the product being junk could wear on a creator, however: Turtle Rock keeps improving. They take the feedback whether it be critical or not and try to improve the product. The game is over 10 months old and content and communication keeps rolling out. Bravo Turtle Rock you have certainly proven that this game is a labor of love. Keep up the good work. Now I must go sink countless hours of my life into Emet untill I get my dog with the burner.


easily one of my top five game developers. long live TRS


Good on them indeed! I love that they keep at it with this game and haven’t let it go. Been playing the game since day one with no regrets!


TRS are amazeballs and I wuv them a laht. YOU GUYS TURTLEROCK!



You guys and girls do an amazing job. Definitely the best game developers in my book. :wink:


Agreed they are indeed pretty awesome, thnx for all the free stuff TRS, really :slight_smile:




Even when I am not playing, I continually check in on the state of Evolve. I have not done that with any other game. Can’t get it out of my head! It is sooooo good.

Please make matchmaking a priority, the wait times are the only thing keeping me away from the game. I REALLY want to come back full force again.


I’ll admit I’ve had my fair share of criticism and doubt and salt (ok, more than my fair share of salt…) but Emet is so amazingly built that I don’t care anymore. :smiley:

The little guy is soooooo awesome.


love ya TRS.


Thank you very much for the shoutout cbrluv! It’s much appreciated. Your love keeps us passionate and excited about what we love to do!

:heart: Thank you


I can’t help but notice the TWO weeks delay on the “Thank you.” but I’ll blame that on the Holidays before I lead that anywhere else.

On a serious note somehow Evolve is like Dark Souls for me and it keeps me coming back… and lingering on the Forums.


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