How about a news countdown?


While it’s hush hush they can’t say anything, can’t they at least let us know when more info is coming?


Likely at the end of august at PAX (or at least that is what the community predicts). Don’t worry! The gap between Goliath’s reveal and Kraken’s reveal was longer than the time between now and release. Information will come in due time.

For now, I’d recommend something to take your mind off it. There are plenty of things to do in life, not to mention several good games to play. Be patient, and more will be revealed when it is ready.


Well, we definitely would like to tease before the reveal, never sure how early we can let on though. I’ll talk to 2K about this strategy :smile:


I’d love to know when to expect new info


I’ll start one for you. Commence counting!


I believe that info should be revealed when the blog post managers think they’ve answered most of the questions people will have, as opposed to rushing something out every [x] days. I’ve already said this before but I like how Sunset TV gives you small snippets of news and gameplay every Thursday, talking about a different thing and answering a question or two. It’s funnier than it is informative, but having to think of something every week and trying to gate info until release day can be tough.


If we are talking teases, one that I would find tantalizing would be the color of the 3rd monster’s level 3 full armor glow. It seems pretty innocuous as far as a reveal is concerned, and it would most certainly wet the appetite if done at some point. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


a countdown would be very nice :smiley:


Just to tell us about some big news. Not like @SlabOMeat or @MacMan had lunch.


But these are the updates that will be needed for us to get the feel for how they are going. If Macman eats lunch everyday at 12pm sharp, but then 1 day eats at 12:30pm, then we can assume something’s going on :wink:



I think I got it:

If the Goliath’s armour glow is red and the Kraken’s armour glow is blue, then TRS must be following Edgar Wright’s “Cornetto Trilogy” and so that means the third Monster’s armour is green! Plus we’ve already all speculated that the Monster might be a burrower, so it can burrow under the earth which is also typically a green colour!



But… that’s a really interesting event at TRS. We all gather around to watch @SlabOMeat and @MacMan eat.


Oh my gosh!

What did they eat today?


Still TBD. Will keep you guys posted as information becomes available.


By the great Cthullu/Kraken…you cracked the code :open_mouth:


You know, with a big and unruly as our beards are getting, watching us eat can be a pretty newsworthy experience.


Good place ta hide snacks for later probably too.


Actually…@SlabOMeat Is the Goliath’s health and armour bars different to Kraken’s as of now? I noticed at E3 Kraken’s looked more like rectangles put together, and Goliath’s (At PAX) looked more like a health bar from Primal Rage.


Your just seeing older versions of the HUD. The guys have gone through a few iterations.


Any news on this?