How about a Medic Support reveal, then Monster, then finish with trapper and Assault?



Depending on what medic and support the hunters are using, usually spells how the match will end depending on what monster they are facing? By this I mean Laz against Wraith can be pretty strong, especially a good Laz while against Gorgon or Behemoth he is less effective.

I believe if the medic and Support were revealed first so the monster player can choose a monster to counter the combination, and then the hunters can choose the trapper and assault to counter the monster? This may result in more balanced matches?



I wouldn’t mind this at all! I think it would be difficult to implement however


This if I remember correctly is sort of how competitive is and I really like the idea.


I’d rather go Medic Support Trapper Monster Assault.

Getting to counterpick with damage AND CC might be too much, but just damage is fine. And that way, you don’t pick Lennox into Kraken or something.

Edit: and if I’m not wrong, didn’t @Insane_521 say something about this being worked on eventually?


I like the idea of implementing the competitive picking system in the the game though I think it should just be implemented in Beta Hunt and leave Arcade with Blind Picks.


I’m quite certain competitive picking order, for the longest time excluding a few weeks of HGL, has been:


I think this makes a lot of sense. Guaranteed the monster won’t be royally screwed by CC while also guaranteeing hunter damage is consistent.

A system like this has been confirmed(semi) for release whenever the new matchmaking system is finished. They said it was a long term dealio but that MM should be greatly improved with things like this.