How about a hotfix?

I’m sorry guys, I know I’m gonna receive hate for making this thread but I still feel like it’s only normal for people to be… annoyed about this to say the least.

You pretty much broke Arena mode a week ago now that Monsters spawn without any armor. It’s already a confirmed bug.

Now I’m not sure if it’s actually fixed yet in development, but the thread below doesn’t answer that question:

…aren’t we due for a hotfix? Or a status update if it’s not fixed yet? It’s been a week and it’d be silly to keep one of the core gamemodes in such a sorry state for too long.
Arena mode is hardly any fun when the Monster spawns as if he just got domed after an evolve because most Monster players would probably then try to mitigate damage if it were Hunt.


Agreed. One of my favorite modes is borked right now, and this is really not acceptable for this long.

All monsters in arena just end up running until they get full armor anyway, just be patient and enjoy it. While it is a fairly big problem it doesnt really ruin the fun at all.

Nothing until after Poland, I believe.

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Yup. Sadly everything revolves around esports side so everyone has to put up with issues and “soon” answers till the finals are complete, cos you know.

Never know, may get a surprise bit of news on today’s stream…

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Well, since the esports players need to practice with the new changes it makes sense to wait instead of tossing a curveball at the last minute.

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Not really broken, just harder. I can still win as Monster. Got a whole health bar to burn through :smile:

Like I said…

Good news everyone!

We did a little balancing and now arena is fubar

Fix coming soon!


I actually like no armor for that very reason; makes it more of a fight to the death!

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Agreed. I actually saw this and thought “Oh that’s a nice change.”

And then came to the forums and was promptly saddened…

It seems like a good thing to me. You want armor, fine, go get it. You don’t? Okay, battle to the death.

I fight regardless in arena, never do I run for armor unless it’s close, and medic is down, and I know I can win if I just get that little bit of armor.

you forgot the TRADEMARK!

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I had a match a couple days ago as Wraith; super intense each round. Haha, I was fighting for my life for sure.

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