How about a Gamemode?


I was recently browsing the Turtle Rock forums when I came across a page called “Evolve’s Progression System Revealed” and while scrolling away, I found this one comment with an interesting idea:

Broken English aside (no offense), this comment got gears in my head turning and I decided to expand upon this idea, so Atrus, my metaphorical hat is off to you. :smile:




Have to be Level 40 to join

Have to be Elite at every Hunter/Monster to join

Have to be paired up with randoms

Whenever a Hunter/Monster dies, they respawn as one of the other characters in their respective classes. The character they previously died as can never be played again for the rest of the match. The first to wipe all of the other teams' characters wins


No HUD (unless a hunter ability is HUD specific, like Griffin's sound spikes, where by the hunter that used the ability is the only one that can see it)

Players cannot see other players' health

Players cannot see footprints glow (they will still be there, they just won't glow)

Players cannot use ping

Players cannot see birds HUD icons (the birds are still in-game) or HUD specific abilities (unless you were the one that activated them)

Players, when dead, have a 4 minute dropship timer, giving them enough time to chose their next character

When a player losses all their characters, they are out for the rest of the game

Hunters have significantly more health, jetpack fuel, and magazine sizes



Can't see other characters' health (player controlled or AI)

Reduced armor gain

Longer ability recharge

Reduced Armor and Health

More food needed to evolve

No Level 3 objective

Chrysalis stage is much longer

When dead, the Monster player has 2 minutes to pick a new 'Level 1' Monster, where by they will spawn as a Chrysalis in a random point on the map (by random, I mean a distance far enough away from the Hunters to not get instantly murdered, but not too far away)

Massively Increased damage in abilities

Increased speed

Increased stamina recharge

I would REALLY love to see something like this implemented into the game as some sort of DLC or something (TRS, I’m looking at you).




We need this!


So, if the monster has no dlcs, will it respawn only twice after its first spawn> And then, if someone has all the dlcs will it just keep respawning? Same with hunters


I would love a hardcore mode with no hud or indicators for elite players. The only things that I think should remain is your own health/armor and for hunters jetpack fuel. That way you have better readability for yourself but not others.

I also like the idea of a mode that cycles hunters and monsters. Personally I’d be against increasing cooldowns for both sides, because it could make a hard mode game really REALLY long, especially with re =spawns. Overall I love the idea though!


We already have a thread for this:


Yes, anyone with DLC characters can play with other players who don’t have that DLC as to not segregate the community. Of course, there will be some balancing issues that I don’t really have a lot of time to think about. Any ideas for how it could be balanced?

  1. In my opinion, I don’t think you should see your own health or anyone else’s as well. Remember, you have to be absolutely maxed out on every stat you can have to even be able to play this mode. I’m thinking of “Big Game Hunt” as sort of a…‘Nightmare’ difficulty for those who feel regular “Hunt” is starting to get too easy.

  2. I think I forgot to add this in the post, but in “Big Game Hunt”, the timer is removed COMPLETELY, so this mode is supposed to be long. With how much stuff you have to do in this mode and how much longer everything takes, “Big Game Hunt” is usually supposed to take about an hour to an hour and a half to beat.
    Hope you brought some popcorn… and maybe some energy drinks. :smile:


Well…I seem to have gotten myself into a fine pickle!


It’s alright, once a Leader or Mod comes around I’m sure they’ll just merge threads. It’s fine to continue discussion here until that happens.

As for the game mode itself, I really enjoy the idea of a hardcore mode only available to max level players.


You need a certain amount of lives, not just until the characters are exhausted


Its like profesional like match :smile: Sounds good


You know, that’s actually a pretty smart idea. Each player has to choose a new character once they die with a limitation of any 3 in your class, just as an example. Say, for instance, that you play as Goliath at first and then you die. You choose the 3rd Monster as your next monster to play as and then you die again. You now have to make a choice between playing as Kraken or one of the other monsters you bought as DLC. And once you die 3 times, you lose the match, even if you didn’t exhaust all the monsters in your arsenal. That’s actually a pretty smart idea Ginge, kudos to you. :thumbsup:


This could be custom games options intead of making it into a own gamemode IMO