House of Cards (Season 4) [Spoilers]


I will say just say this now, I would like to discuss the show and the way the season wrapped up. I strongly urge not continuing unless you are current with the show.

Having said that, if you aren’t current. Go watch it. You won’t regret it.

Political dramas, I thoroughly enjoy them. My favorite show for the longest time was The West Wing. Seen that one all the way through multiple times. Another favorite of mine: Breaking Bad. So when Netflix got the idea to smush the 2 of these shows together, I was pretty much sold.

A political drama in which the main character is a Machiavellian villain that you just can’t help but root for? Sign me up.

Trying to pace myself (lol ikr), I have just completed my viewing of the show’s 4th season which debuted on March 4th.

So I will open it up to discussion. First off, what did everyone think of the latest season? I rate it incredibly highly. Probably 8.5/10 for me. Some real insights into Frank’s inner psyche, as opposed to the previously outward expression of his hunger for power.

How did the ending sit with you? The decision to go to war to distract from domestic political intrigue? Shocking, twisted, awesome. Wonder how it’ll all work out in the end for them. They’ve dealt a couple pretty serious blows to the Republican contender, Conway. Hammerschimdt’s article though, seems like it’ll be bigger and more devastating than anything they threw across the aisle.

Any other moments that really stood out in the most recent 13 episodes? Anything you thoroughly enjoyed? Anything that you could’ve done without?

I really enjoyed the few episodes where Frank lay comatose after receiving his gunshot wound from previously unhinged reporter, Lucas. The uncertainty. The ambiguity from Claire toward the entire situation. Awesome stuff.

Lemme know what ya’ll thought. :grin: